Wedding Bands


Traditionally the engagement ring is given during the proposal and features the largest stone in a wedding set, which makes it the most expensive. A wedding ring and a wedding band are synonymous and refer to a solid or intricate band that is layered with the engagement ring. During the wedding ceremony, the wedding band is placed first closest to the heart and the engagement ring is then slipped on to form a complete set.

In recent years, however, the wedding ring set doesn’t stop at two rings. Stackable wedding bands are increasing in popularity for their ability to create a one-of-a-kind unique wedding set with multiple bands.

While an engagement ring is often a surprise, a wedding band gives the bride-to-be an opportunity to step into the driver’s seat. Countless options are available for stacking wedding bands like mixing and matching metals, sizes, and stones to create the perfect combination.

Trending Stackable Wedding Band Styles

Trending wedding bands are all about the details and customization. While many engagement rings feature popular stone shapes or settings, the wedding band gives the set a pop of personality. Mixing metals is a fresh way to add an on-trend rose gold accent to a classic white or yellow gold engagement ring. Thin bands of alternating solid metal and diamonds create a statement and can be mixed and matched daily with up to five rings. For a vintage-inspired stackable ring set, a milgrain finish offers old-world charm from the delicate intricacy of the beaded edge.

When to Buy Wedding Bands?

A wedding band can be bought initially with the engagement ring as a matching set, any time before the wedding, or after the wedding as an anniversary gift or to mark a special occasion.

If you already know you want a wedding ring set, buying a wedding band with the engagement ring can be the easiest route to finding a complementary combination. If the wedding band has large gemstones, the engagement ring might be better suited for a solitaire setting depending on your desired level of glamour. However, if you want to wait for your partner’s input, a jeweler can help you choose a wedding band that will fit comfortably with the engagement ring.

Add an Eternity Band to Your Stack

A stackable wedding band set can be created over years to introduce a new element to the initial ring. A common wedding band addition is the eternity ring, a precious metal band with gemstones circling the outer ring. The infinity circle symbolizes everlasting love and is usually given on an important anniversary or after the birth of a first child.  Marking special occasions through an additional wedding band can create a personal story within the wedding band set.

Affordable Wedding Bands to Stack

While engagement rings can carry a hefty price tag, wedding bands are often more affordable.

Wedding bands can range in price based on metal type, the inclusion of diamonds, and size, but a quality band can easily be found under $1,000.

A beautiful wedding band can also be a stand-alone engagement ring. For a smaller budget, a stackable wedding band set can be the perfect choice to grow over time and display a unique combination of wedding band styles without worrying about a large stone creating space between the bands.

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