In need of a new bracelet to complete your dream jewelry collection? With a variety of styles out there, it’s easy to get indecisive. Keep reading for tips on how to pick out the perfect bracelet to fit your taste!

Bracelets are a fun way to accessorize and elevate your look. Pick a statement piece to stand out on its own, or opt for a trendy stack. Ella Rose has a beautiful collection of eco-conscious moissanite jewelry to choose from – no matter the occasion, these bracelets will fit in seamlessly with your style. 

Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are a versatile style that is made to be stacked. Bangle bracelets usually slip over the wrist and hang loosely for an effortlessly chic vibe. For dressing up a flirty, going-out look, layer this Ella Rose yellow gold rainbow baguette bangle bracelet with thinner yellow gold bangles for an interesting and bright statement stack. This stack is meant to stand out, pair it with your favorite little black dress to add a pop of color to your cocktail attire. 

Tennis Bracelets

If you love the classics, a moissanite tennis bracelet is going to be your favorite go-to. This uniform, shining style is made for those who treasure elegance and class. A tennis bracelet looks refined and polished on its own or it can be paired with a thin gold chain bracelet for a trendier pairing. Check out this Ella Rose line bracelet, composed of stunning moissanite gems, an eco-friendly and equally brilliant substitute to the popular diamond tennis bracelet. For more formal events, the tennis bracelet is the obvious choice. 

Bolo Bracelets

Bolo bracelets are a really comfortable and stylish bracelet that transforms an otherwise formal bracelet into one suited for everyday wear. Delicate and straightforward, these bracelets were designed with casual elegance and grace in mind. Opt for this gorgeous Ella Rose moissanite bolo bracelet to add a staple piece to your collection. Styling tip: this bolo bracelet would look great stacked with the rainbow bangle bracelet style previously mentioned. 

Sterling Silver Bracelets 

You can’t go wrong with a classic sterling silver bracelet. Great for everyday wear, sterling silver goes with absolutely everything and looks amazing in a stack. Mix it with more sterling silver bracelets or with other metals like yellow or white gold for a modern interpretation. This sterling silver Ella Rose bracelet is an easy piece to throw on with a few shining silver bangles to complete the metallic, modern stack. 

Gold Bracelets

For a more rich, warm appearance, browse through Ella Rose’s collection of gold bracelets. Gold bracelets create a luxe distinction that has been loved for generations. Ella Rose offers an array of gold bracelets featuring stunning colorful gemstones, or classic moissanite gems. Mix and match colorful gems with clean, sleek gold bracelets for a layered stack that is sure to warm up any ensemble. Gold goes great with both casual and dressed-up occasions so don’t be afraid to add it to any outfit in your closet! 

Find Your Perfect Bracelet at Ella Rose

With so many styles and finishes to choose from, Ella Rose makes picking out your next treasured piece a dream. Let the Ella Rose staff help you find a bracelet that perfectly fits your personality and lifestyle. Shop these amazing styles and more bracelets online at Ella Rose, or email us at with any questions. 

Why should you consider alternative center stone engagement rings? When you opt for diamond alternatives in your engagement ring, you don something truly unique in its beauty. Diamond alternatives are also more eco and cost-friendly. Gemstones like moissanite, sapphire, emerald, and morganite might just be your dream engagement ring center stone!

Brilliance And Fire

Of all the gemstones presented to you today, moissanite gemstones feature a brilliance and fire that is most comparable to that of a diamond. Next to diamonds, they are also the second most durable gemstone! 

Naturally-occurring moissanite is quite rare. Today, moissanite is lab-created to perfection. Since these stones are lab-grown, they minimize the environmental impact when compared to diamonds, and they are always conflict-free.

Do you want a gemstone that disperses light even more brilliantly than a diamond? Then shop moissanite engagement rings! Go with a classic round cut moissanite or be bold in a radiant cut.

Vibrant And Distinguished

The emerald gemstone is representative of nature and vibrancy in life. Distinguished in appearance, this stone is completely transfixing. An emerald is an ideal symbol to commemorate your engagement, marriage, and life together!

This elegant gemstone is durable enough for everyday wear, wonderfully affordable, and responsibly mined. We work with well-known emerald deposits in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia to bring you beautifully enchanting emeralds. 

Pick from our stunning oval cut emerald and diamond halo rings. They range in carat weight from 0.71 to 1.06 to fit any style. These emerald rings contrast beautifully with their luxe white gold bands.

Lush and Delicate

Fall in love with an irresistibly sweet morganite center stone! Varying from peach to pink in color, morganite engagement rings are distinctly feminine. With a 7.5 to 8 hardness rating on the Mohs scale, morganites are suitable for everyday wear.

Our morganites are conscientiously mined by our partner mines in California, Maine, Mozambique, Afghanistan, and Russia. Not only do our morganites shine brilliantly, but they are also sourced brilliantly!

Take in the beauty of these heavenly morganite engagement rings. Choose from halo and solitaire designs. Each of our morganite engagement rings includes sparkling white diamonds set in sweet rose gold bands.

Regal and Refined

Bring a regal element to your engagement ring with a storied sapphire! Sapphires are just a touch less durable, and we really mean a touch, than moissanite. As such, sapphires are equally ideal for everyday wear. 

At Ella Rose, our sapphire gemstones are responsibly mined in collaboration with our partner mines in Sri Lanka. When you purchase a sapphire engagement ring from Ella Rose, you know you’re wearing an ethical, traceable, and natural gemstone. 

Explore brilliant blue sapphire engagement rings. Handpick from solitaire, halo, and three stone designs. Our sapphire rings incorporate glittering white diamonds as accent stones

Handpick An Exquisite Engagement Ring

Explore alternative center stone engagement rings and even more stunning pieces at Ella Rose. At Ella Rose, we celebrate gemstones in all their beauty. We also make it easy for you to find the perfect engagement ring! Explore our inventive collections online. For a unique and unparalleled selection, shop engagement rings and wedding bands at Ella Rose. 

Ella Rose launched a “Build Your Own Ring” tool to streamline the engagement ring design process. Select a mounting, then choose from a wide array of available center stones to complete the ring.

Customers can make the process as simple or detailed as desired. Every ring characteristic is entirely customizable and the final product is handcrafted by master jewelers in Ella Rose’s Nashville, Tennessee workshop.

Solitaires, halos, and a variety of ring settings are available to choose from as a base. Then, decide between white, yellow or rose gold, or even platinum to begin the customization process. Next, consider a moissanite or colored gemstone center stone. Every ring style can be coordinated with an expansive selection of stone shapes and sizes to match any budget and style preference.

Ella Rose specializes in moissanite engagement rings, and they continue to rise in popularity due to their practicality and stunning shine. Moissanite is a conflict-free affordable alternative to diamonds. As lab-grown gemstones, they have minimal impact on the environment, making this purchase entirely guilt-free.

Browse through Ella Rose’s collection of stunning moissanite engagement rings or read up on trending stone shapes to pull inspiration before customizing. Designing an engagement ring is a personal and meaningful way to commemorate the love shared between partners. What better way to symbolize a unique love than with a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring?

About Ella Rose

Founded by brothers, David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose has become the online destination for fine fashion and bridal jewelry that leaves a minimal impact on the environment. Find alternative engagement rings which rival the finest diamond brands. Master jewelers handcraft each piece in their Nashville, Tennessee workshop. By ethically sourcing every natural gemstone, often from the USA whenever possible, Ella Rose adheres to a strict sustainable practice of jewelry making. Ella Rose has embodied the sincere hope that they can leave the world a better place for their children.

To learn more about the products offered by Ella Rose, visit their website at

Once upon a time, a meteorite crashed down in the desert of Arizona. After finding a sparkling new mineral inside, scientists determined how to replicate this beautiful stone in a lab. Known as moissanite, the gem is beloved worldwide for its superior sparkle and environmental sustainability. Unlike diamonds and other mined stones, moissanite has no negative effect on the natural world. As a bonus, this stone is exceptionally durable and disperses light more effectively than diamonds. 

At Ella Rose, we’re pleased to carry Forever One Moissanite and Exceptional Moissanite, widely regarded as the best brands in the world. Keep reading to learn more about this stone of the stars and get tips on shopping for a moissanite ring for the special woman in your life. 

Forever One Moissanite and Exceptional Moissanite: Which One’s Right for Your Love?

Ella Rose customers enjoy access to the highest-quality gems Forever One Moissanite and Exceptional Moissanite created by industry powerhouse, Charles and Colvard. Unlike other brands of lab-grown moissanite, Charles and Colvard patented and perfected the Forever One Moissanite over decades. Now it is revered as the most premium moissanite available on the market.

Offering a wide selection of colorless and near-colorless grades of moissanite, Forever One delivers an unbeatable combination of flawless cut and superior symmetry. As a bonus, buyers can rest assured knowing their purchases are preserving the natural world for future generations. 

On the other hand, Exceptional Moissanite has won acclaim for providing larger stones with exquisite proportions. In fact, every diamond featured in this collection weighs in at a minimum of three carats. For optimal brilliance and shine, you can’t go wrong with Exceptional Moissanite. 

The Benefits of Ready to Ship Rings

You know she’s the one for you, and you don’t want to wait to say “I do.” If this sounds familiar, you might consider one of the Ready to Ship rings available at Ella Rose. Available with stones from both Forever One and Exceptional Moissanite, these styles feature convenient all-in-one pricing, so you don’t have to worry about finding different components that stay within budget. Additionally, our talented jewelers can custom forge your engagement ring to match any particular center gem. 


When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, band selection gets most of the attention. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect to consider the shape of your center stone. Whether you opt for a diamond or another gem, the cut is of optimal importance, affecting everything from how much the ring sparkles to the way it makes you feel. Moreover, different stone shapes work best for certain types of brides. 

At Ella Rose, we take pride in providing rings made from beautiful and environmentally friendly moissanite, the only stone that originated from the stars. Found in meteor remnants, moissanite is now made in a lab; however, the end result is no less brilliant. Keep reading to learn about the top trending moissanite shapes for 2021, along with tips on choosing the right cut for your bride to be. 

Matching the Stone Cut to the Bride

What’s the perfect gem shape for your sweetheart? Is she traditional or modern? Elegant or unconventional? Read on to discover the top trending moissanite shapes for brides of different stripes. 

Round Cut

Looking for a ring that shines brighter than the rest? Then look no further than the classic engagement ring stone cut, the brilliant round cut. Trending endlessly because of its captivating shine, every year round cut rings are the most popular cut of engagement rings sold. While this cut is popular, it is anything but ordinary. Choosing a round cut moissanite allows brides the most options for finding an engagement ring setting that reflects their own unique personality. Not to mention the timeless cut allows for the piece to perhaps one day be passed along as a family heirloom. 

Oval Cut 

Want to step away from the crowd, without sacrificing any sparkle? An oval cut ring may be just the thing to help you achieve your dreams. This particular stone cut is second only to the round cut for brilliance, however, the elongated shape allows for an increased surface area, which means more ways to enjoy the irresistible shimmer. At once feminine and delicate, oval stones evoke memories of ages past. Additionally, these shapes look lovely when paired with side stones in different colors. Consider an oval-cut moissanite ring with a rose gold band for the bride who stands out in any room she walks into. 

Pear Shaped 

Featuring a narrow top and rounded bottom, pear shaped stones are undeniably modern, making them a great option for contemporary-minded brides. Reminiscent of a teardrop, these uniquely dazzling stones are at once playful and romantic. For a look that makes the center stone the star of the show, opt for a classic solitaire setting. On the other hand, if you want a more ornate style, consider a vintage-inspired band boasting side stones or a halo.

Shop for Stunning Engagement Rings at Ella Rose

For ethically sourced rings that are as lovely as they are unique, make Ella Rose your first choice for bridal jewelry. Our talented master jewelers utilize the highest-quality moissanite to craft rings that shine brilliantly no matter what cut you choose. Shop our selection online and rest assured knowing that you’ll find something extraordinary.  

Is there finally a better alternative to diamonds? Sustainable. Brilliant. Affordable. Look out diamonds—your dream engagement ring just got elevated with the Forever One Moissanite.

At Ella Rose, we take pride in offering sustainable bridal jewelry as breathtaking as any traditional bridal designs. Many people crave eco-friendly options and want a beautiful engagement ring or wedding band that represents their deepest love without any guilt over harm to others or the environment. With that philosophy in mind, we’re passionate about using the highest quality lab-grown moissanite stones in the world, which has led us to the Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite. Read on to learn about this magnificent gem and discover how their pieces stand out from the rest.

Introduction to Moissanite

Diamonds might be the traditional choice for engagement jewelry, but moissanite has joined the ranks as a competitive alternative. Discovered in meteorite fragments in the 1890s, this dazzling yet durable gemstone is now lab-created to perfection. As a result, buyers can rest assured moissanite is conflict-free. As a bonus, moissanite is known for dispersing light that is more brilliant than even the highest-end diamonds and naturally occurring stones. It truly is a gem created by the stars, and it will shine like pure starlight.

One of the many reasons for moissanite’s appeal is how it can be purchased in a wide range of cuts and colors. Choose from round, princess, emerald, pear cuts, and more. Additionally, you can find moissanite in various beautiful colors ranging from clear white to pink, champagne, and even green. 

Get to Know Charles & Colvard

Recognizing the rare beauty of moissanite, Ella Rose is passionate about bringing this stunning stone to our customer base. As part of our commitment to ensuring your engagement jewelry is as beautiful as your love for each other, we pride ourselves on selling only Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite jewelry in our store. Lab-grown here in the United States, Forever One represents the best moissanite in the world thanks to a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide. The end result is that every gem is beautifully cut and exceptionally durable, ensuring it will last a lifetime. In fact, every Charles & Colvard stone comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty protecting against damage to the stone.


Along with offering the highest-quality moissanite on the market, Charles & Colvard is passionate about environmental responsibility. All buyers can rest assured knowing the jewelry purchased was made in a manner which is ethically sourced and ethically produced. 

Why Buy Moissanite Jewelry With Ella Rose 

Representing the dream of brothers David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose supplies beautiful, timeless engagement jewelry featuring the most exceptional metals and gems. Since we prize quality and integrity, our team is thrilled to offer pieces by Charles & Colvard and other top designers. Whether your search is for the top moissanite rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, trust us to have the perfect option in our collection. For more on what we do, shop online today at We look forward to helping you shine.

Born of the stars, exceptional moissanite captures the fire and brilliance within its stone at Ella Rose.

Ella Rose’s exceptional moissanite refers to any moissanite stone that is a diamond equivalent weight (DEW) greater than 3.00 carats. The flawless cut and proportions help capture the essence of brilliance within each gem. Exceptional moissanite provides minimal environmental impact, is durable, and is even more brilliant than a diamond!

Such as the Exceptional 4.20ct Round Moissanite Engagement Ring, the brilliance of the round cut is not lost on moissanite. The exceptional cut allows the light to be mirrored within the stone causing glittering reflections that are truly eye-catching! It’s cut is designed to mirror its origin of glittering stars.

The Exceptional 4.74ct Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring is an oval engagement ring that reflects the light at every angle. For a symbol of devotion and commitment for any special wedding day, the oval cut stands proudly with the greatest surface area on display due to the elongated shape. This jewel captures the fire and brilliance promised by Ella Rose.

If an oval cut is not the style you’re looking for, Exceptional 5.30ct Radiant Moissanite Engagement Ring might be the one. The sharp edges of the radiant cut are highlighted in the classic solitaire style. The center gem is encased in 18k white gold for luxury and a beautiful appearance.

All engagement rings from Ella Rose are set with Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite, the finest quality moissanite in the world, which is taken a step further with exceptional moissanite. Each ring includes a lifetime warranty and upgrade options for customization. Moissanite is the perfect option for anyone seeking the brilliance of a diamond at a more affordable price point. 

Ella Rose invests in quality, exceptional moissanite and is passionate about showcasing these striking gemstones throughout their collection of engagement rings. Visit to view the most luxurious and brilliant jewels that reflect like stars and browse even more stunning engagement ring options!

Mined diamonds are exceedingly expensive and often lack transparency in the sourcing process. A gorgeous engagement ring with a prominent center stone is within reach for many couples through an alternative diamond stone. As an added bonus, couples won’t need to worry their ring is causing an undue strain on the environment. The two most common diamond alternatives are moissanite and cubic zirconia.

Moissanite vs. Cubic Zirconia

In order to decide on the right center stone, it’s important to understand the quality, value, and unique characteristics of each stone type. While diamonds are pure carbon, moissanite is composed of silicon carbide and cubic zirconia is zirconium dioxide. The chemical properties mean very little to the naked eye. Instead, gemstones are compared based on brilliance, fire, color, and clarity.


Brilliance is another word for sparkle! Think of the inside of a gemstone like a series of mirrors. As light pours in, the rays bounce and reflect off numerous facets. The mesmerizing sparkle is a significant advantage of a clear gemstone.

The brilliance refractive index or BRI determines the amount of light refracted in each gemstone.  Moissanite is considered the world’s most brilliant gemstone and measures 2.65-2.69 on the scale, which is even higher than a diamond at 2.41-2.42.  Cubic zirconia ranks significantly lower than a diamond at 2.15-2.18.


Fire refers to the way light reflects off the top of a gemstone creating a prism of colors and shine. The quintessential moment of twinkling your engagement ring in the sunlight shows off the fire of the gemstone.

Again moissanite ranks the highest for fire dispersion. Since moissanite is lab-designed, each stone is cut for optimal light dispersion both inside and on the surface of the gem. Cubic zirconia also ranks slightly higher than a diamond. However, without brilliance, the stone captures no depth and the fire can look superficial.

Color and Clarity

Color and clarity will quickly drive a diamond price up because a colorless and clear diamond is ideal and extremely rare. Cubic zirconia on the other hand is designed to be colorless with flawless clarity. Now what sounds like an immediate perfect score, is actually a common complaint with the gemstone. The clarity draws attention to the stone’s unnatural appearance and magnifies its lack of brilliance. However, the initial clarity of cubic zirconia is short-lived since the stone is known to scratch and become cloudy within three to five years of everyday wear.

As technology has advanced, moissanite has been perfected in the Forever One™ Moissanite by Charles & Colvard. Available in two color ranges, this premium moissanite can be selected as DEF (colorless) or GHI (near-colorless). Just like a top tier diamond, moissanite grades in the VS range for very slight inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. The color and clarity are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty for the Forever One™ Moissanite so you never have to worry your stone might diminish over time.

Price vs. Value

Cubic zirconia is without a doubt the least expensive diamond alternative. A one-carat stone retails at $20-$40. The price reflects the quality of the stone making cubic zirconia an unfavorable option. Moissanite is an affordable option that keeps its value over time. A one-carat moissanite stone ranges from $300-$400, two-carats are $750-$1,000, and three-carats are $1,100-$1,450.

Ella Rose specializes in moissanite engagement rings and exclusively offers the Forever One™ Moissanite with a lifetime upgrade program. If your ideal stone size is not in your current budget, start with a smaller stone and upgrade it any time with 100% of your original purchase price added towards the new stone.

Moissanite: A Gemstone of its Own

Although hailed as a premier diamond alternative, moissanite wasn’t created to be a diamond look-alike. Moissanite is a gemstone of its own caliber. Originally discovered in a meteorite that crashed into a desert in Arizona, Dr. Henri Moissan studied the fragments and came across the striking mineral of silicon carbide. The mineral was named  “moissanite” and over years became the lab-created gemstone we know today. Is there a more romantic origin story than an out of this world mineral forged amongst the stars?

Shop Moissanite at Ella Rose

Your dream engagement ring is within reach at Ella Rose. Browse moissanite engagement rings or combine a setting and stone shape with the custom ring builder. Leave your worries behind, because every moissanite offered is a certified Forever One™ Moissanite, the highest quality moissanite in the world. From ethically sourced materials to handcrafted rings by master jewelers in Nashville, Ella Rose makes transparency and quality their top priority. Discover the beauty of moissanite at

A Beginner’s Guide to Picking Out an Engagement Ring

So, you’ve met the perfect person. They’ve turned your life upside down in all the right ways. You know it’s time to make that commitment of a lifetime. To make that commitment, you want to find the quintessential ring that not only suits them but also marks the beauty and rarity of your relationship. If you are stressing about finding that perfect engagement ring, don’t worry,  we’re here to help. We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to buying the perfect engagement ring.


For years we have been told that the minimum you should spend on an engagement ring should equivalate to two-months salary. For many people, this just may not be realistic. Today, the average engagement ring, according to The Knot, is $5,978. However, you can still find the perfect ring for a significantly lower cost. Equally important, you don’t want to start your marriage out in debt over a ring. It should be noted that you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Besides, the rule of thumb is, “don’t skimp but don’t sink!”

Ring Size

Before going out on your hunt for the perfect ring, you will need to figure out their ring size. There are many ways you can go about doing this without giving yourself away. Here are a few:

  1. Find one of their rings that they wear frequently and use a ring sizer to figure out her size. You can easily find a ring sizer online.
  2. Use our online ring sizer by tracing the inside of one of her frequently-worn rings and matching it to the appropriate circle on the screen.
  3. Ask a close family member or friend to find out nonchalantly. Make sure this person can keep a secret and has a decent poker face.

Finding Their Style

This engagement ring is going to be one of the most important pieces of jewelry they own. It’s something they are going to be wearing every single day of their lives. Not to mention, they’ll want to sit there and stare at it for hours on end. They are going to want to show it off to everyone they know including their parents, friends, and everyone that follows them on social media!

Furthermore, be sure to study the jewelry they wear, their clothes, and really anything that demonstrates their style. You should be able to pinpoint their personal style and select the perfect ring for them. If you are having trouble with this, you can always go with something classic. A timeless ring has something breathtaking surrounding it.

The Four C’s of Diamonds

Importantly, the Four C’s of diamonds are good to follow when you are looking for that perfect stone. The four C’s consist of color, cut, clarity and carats.

  1. Color: Diamonds fall on a color scale from D (white) to Z (yellow). Keep this in mind when selecting the color of your diamond.
  2. Cut: The cut of the diamond refers to the angles and proportions that the diamond cutter makes. The better the cut, the more sparkle your diamond will have.
  3. Clarity: The clarity of a diamond is crucial. However, inclusions are part of the natural characteristics of your diamond, much like a birthmark or a freckle.
  4. Carats: This refers to the weight of the diamond. Not all diamond of the same carat weight look like the same size to the naked eye.

But Wait, It’s No Longer About Diamonds!

Diamonds were once known as the end all, be all when it came to engagement rings. However, in these evolving generations, experiences seem to be the focal point of so many relationships. Likewise, alternative gemstones are becoming more popular among the current twenty-somethings.

A moissanite gemstone is born from the stars and showcases supreme durability. This affordable diamond-alternative is guaranteed conflict-free. Moissanite disperses light more brilliantly than a diamond and is lab created with minimal environmental impact.

Here are some other magnificent gemstones for an engagement ring along with their meanings:

Amethyst:  Believed to help you through difficult times, this gemstone is mesmerizing. If you are looking for a long-lasting marriage, an amethyst can help lead you. The deep purple looks beautiful completed with a rose gold or yellow gold setting.

Sapphire: In the ancient world the sapphire was thought to bring protection and good fortune. Today it is often associated with wisdom. The bright blue of a sapphire could make anyone feel like Kate Middleton herself.

Emerald: Also known as the “Stone of Successful Love” it can be the seen as the perfect engagement stone! This bright green stone has been seen in many art deco and Victorian engagement rings and looks beautiful in a traditional setting.

Morganite: Given the name “Crystal of Divine Love” morganite is associated with eternal love and is perfect to give your loved one if you are looking for a diamond alternative. Its beautiful pink color sits beautifully in a rose gold setting.

Topaz: Traditionally a stone associated with luxury and opulence it has much of the same meaning today. Topaz comes in many different colors from more neutral tones to royal blues.

Aquamarine: Meaning, “water of the sea,” is believed to be the stones of mermaids. Aquamarine is perfect for anyone who loves the oceans and can’t get enough of the beach. The soft blue color will have them dreaming of blue waters.

Choosing a Setting

Beyond choosing a ring, selecting your setting is just as essential. Here at Ella Rose, we provide you with a wide variety of choices for engagement ring settings. Thus, we have everything from modern style settings to the traditional timeless settings. You should check out our guide for engagement ring settings for further detail.

Now, It’s Time to Pop the Question

Finally, you’ve chosen the perfect person and the perfect ring and the only thing left to do is pop the big question. This is a moment that you will never forget and both of your lives are going to change forever.  To summarize, let’s go over the four rules to pulling off the perfect engagement.

  1. Keep it a secret, shhh!!!
  2. Send your loved one off for a manicure because every girl wants a fresh one for all those engagement ring pictures.
  3. If you can, be sure to hire a photographer or a friend to hide and capture the moment and raw emotions.
  4. Lastly, remember this moment is all about the two of you and growing your love for one another.

All in all, this short guide should help you choose the best engagement ring and make the process as simple as possible. Your engagement is all about the two of you. Therefore, you should make it as unique and as personal as your relationship.

Good luck and happy engagements to all!