Stretching back thousands of years, gemstones have been a sacred part of the earliest civilizations. Precious gems are naturally occurring—a gift from the earth that continues to shower us in radiant beauty. Each with a distinct, captivating color, gemstones differ in many ways beyond their appearance. We like to think gemstone jewelry makes the most out of showcasing these vibrant stones to their full potential. 

Discover how to find the right gemstone to add to your jewelry collection, with special attention to the meaning it will carry as you wear it. From sapphires to rubies, take a deep dive into the world of jewels from the experts at Ella Rose. 

What is the Meaning Behind Ruby?

Regarded as one of the most precious stones, rubies are vividly enchanting. Coined with the moniker “King of the Gems,” it’s no wonder these stones are believed to bring power, courage, and good fortune to all who wear them. Embrace confidence and a zest for life when you don ruby jewelry.

If a 15th anniversary is on the horizon, ruby is the traditional gemstone to gift. However, this fiery, passionate stone is the perfect present for any occasion, adding romance wrapped up in a delicate package. 

We recommend this 14k white gold ruby diamond halo pendant. The pear-shaped stone is flawlessly cut to showcase the vibrant depth of color rubies are known for. At Ella Rose, we believe diamond accents bring out the best in our gemstones so you will find many pieces with a shining halo of light.  

What is the Meaning Behind Sapphire?

Considered another one of the big three, sapphire symbolizes loyalty, wisdom and truth. Ranked as the most valuable colored gemstone in the world, sapphires are sought-after for their entrancing blue hue. 

Sapphire is the gemstone of choice to celebrate a five-year anniversary. However, sapphire jewelry can also be worn as “something blue” on your wedding day. Those lucky enough to be born in September have sapphire as their birthstone, and often feel particularly connected to the jewel.

Draw attention to your delicate features with a pair of blue sapphire stud earrings. The vivid blue sapphire is breathtaking and stands in stark contrast to the icy white gold setting and shimmering diamond halo. The deep blue hue calls to those drawn to water, making these earrings particularly suited for summer.

What is the Meaning Behind Emerald?

If you’re looking for new beginnings, emerald might be the gemstone for you. The jewel is said to symbolize fertility, spiritual awakening, vitality, and protection. It’s the last gemstone in the big three to make an appearance here, and it’s clear to see why it made the list. The lush green stone is spectacular to look at and brings to mind images of spring with a renewing energy. 

Emerald marks the 20th anniversary, but if you don’t want to wait that long—we don’t blame you! May babies possess emerald as their birthstone, a fortunate blessing to carry through life. Anyone who receives a piece of emerald jewelry will likely be head over heels. 

Our jewelry pick for this striking stone is our 14k white gold east-west oval emerald pendant necklace. The gorgeous statement piece will be an elegant addition to any jewelry collection. Do note emerald jewelry must be taken care of properly and cleaned gently because the delicate stone can scratch and chip. With the right amount of care, love and support, emerald could be the one for you! 

Explore Gemstone Jewelry Online at Ella Rose

We understand it can be difficult shopping for jewelry online. So, we make it our mission to share the most in-depth and up-to-date information with our customers. Plus, we offer a hassle-free 30 day return policy, including a full refund or exchange—and no restocking fee!  Shop with Ella Rose today to find elegant styles, radiant gemstones and so much more.

When it comes to wedding wear, finding the perfect dress is only half the battle. Once you choose that breathtaking gown, it’s time to shop for bridal accessories to complete your look. 

Luckily, at Ella Rose we offer eco-friendly jewelry pieces to help every woman feel beautiful on her wedding day. Specializing in alternative engagement rings and moissanite jewelry, we offer a wide selection of accessories as unique as you are. Read on for tips on finding a bridal style that feels true to you. 

Top Tips on Choosing Bridal Accessories

It’s not enough to find a bridal look that aligns with the latest trends. If you want to ensure your photos will make you smile for years to come, it’s crucial to choose bridal accessories that suit your style while complementing your dress and veil. Here are some of our suggestions for creating a magical look for this magical day. 

Refine Your Style and Ditch the Pinterest Trends

It’s natural to want to keep up with the latest trends. However, the happiest brides tend to be the ones who stay true to their style. Rather than trying to incorporate a lot of different (and sometimes clashing) looks into your wedding wear, aim for a cohesive style that reflects who you are as a person. 

A diamond tennis bracelet is the epitome of timeless sophistication and won’t look out of place with almost any gown. Bring this classic style to the modern age with a moissanite line bracelet.  Bright and beautiful, moissanite sparkles even more brilliantly than diamonds, which makes this bracelet the perfect choice. As you walk down the aisle, let the rainbow hues dance while they reflect back the colors in your bouquet. 

Match Your Necklace to Your Neckline

Just about every bride wonders what jewelry to pair with her wedding dress. While there’s no one right answer, the best bridal accessories are the ones that make you smile. Many women choose a necklace based on their gown’s neckline. 

For example, statement necklaces look great with strapless styles, while it’s best to forgo a necklace if you have a high neck wedding dress. The most versatile necklace is a solitaire pendant, which will pair well with strapless, v-neck, sweetheart, and off the shoulder necklines. Consider this oval cut solitaire necklace featuring a glittering 1.2ct moissanite. While a diamond necklace of the same weight would be astronomical in price, Ella Rose provides affordable, sustainable alternatives so you can look your best on your wedding day without going over budget. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Up Your Metals 

Once upon a time, brides believed that all their wedding jewelry had to feature a single metal. Fortunately, fashion standards have changed, and it’s now more than acceptable to don yellow and rose gold jewelry with your white gold or platinum rings. 

A perennial favorite when it comes to wedding jewelry, hoops look incredible with off-the-face hairstyles. We’re crazy about these rose gold moissanite hoops. Feminine and romantic, they’re especially lovely with a blush-toned wedding gown. 

Opting for Comfort

It’s no secret that wedding gowns aren’t the most comfortable articles of apparel. While you might not be able to do anything to make that corset top less binding, you can at least ensure that your bridal jewelry is lightweight and pain-free. 

A great choice for brides who want to avoid the fuss, these halo stud earrings offer all the glamour and none of the discomfort. They look great with hair up or down and complement a wide selection of dress styles.

Find Your Wedding Jewelry at Ella Rose

Online jewelry retailer Ella Rose offers style consultations for brides-to-be who want to look their best. And because we provide complimentary 30-day returns, you can feel confident shopping our selection. Ready to find eco-friendly accessories that are almost as beautiful as you are? Shop online today or contact us to schedule your appointment. 

Your wedding day is a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life. Your bridesmaids are indispensable during this special time, you want to show them your appreciation with an amazing gift that they will treasure forever!

A bridal party gift should reflect what the friendship has meant to you, not only on your wedding day but through the years. It’s important to find something they will really appreciate and will continue to adore long after your special day. Jewelry is a particularly beautiful gift because they know you have handpicked the piece especially for them. At Ella Rose, we recommend taking this gift idea up a notch with an engravement. 

Bridal Party Gift Tips

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to setting a budget for bridal party gifts. Generally, today’s brides set aside around $50-$150 for each bridesmaid. The Maid of Honor will sometimes receive a unique gift separate from the bridesmaids to thank her for leading the pack and being your right-hand-woman throughout the engagement. The choice is yours and your bridal party gifts should align with your overall budget and gratitude.

Why are Engraved Necklaces a Must-Have Bridal Party Gift?

First off, your bridesmaids and Maid of Honor will be thrilled to receive any piece of jewelry as a bridal party gift. Who doesn’t want a lovely piece they can wear to occasion after occasion, long after the rush of the wedding subsides. Depending on when you decide to gift the jewelry, the necklaces could be a delightful accessory to wear to your bridal shower or bachelorette party, which will add nostalgic memories to the gift.

Engravable Necklaces at Ella Rose

If the idea of engravable necklaces resonates with your style, we have some stellar suggestions for your choosing. A bar necklace is the perfect base to engrave a meaningful message on. This moissanite stud bar necklace adds an understated sparkle while leaving plenty of room to add an engraving. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that coin necklaces are sprouting up everywhere as the style of the season, so why not choose an engraved circle necklace as your gift of choice. This stunning 14k gold necklace is versatile enough to layer with other chains for a trendy look all year.

Add a touch of distinction with this geometric bar necklace. The pointed edges give it an edge and it’s easy on the wallet. You might end up loving them as much as your party, so we recommend splurging one for yourself as well! Now the whole squad can rock these necklaces together. 

A Message to Remember

So you’ve decided on an engravable necklace. But what do you engrave on them? We can tell you the sky’s the limit—as long as it’s 8 to 12 characters. Depending on the size of the area to be engraved, you’ll find brevity is your friend. So give it some thought. Adding their initials on this sterling silver triangle necklace is a great start to personalizing a gift.

Do you each have a private nickname for one another? If it’s not too long, engrave it. Do you remember when you met? That’ll work too! How cute is “Est. 2012” on a coin necklace. Move over hubby, the best friendiversary might come first. There are so many personal messages to consider so be creative when selecting the engraving for your bridal gifts.

Give Your Gift at the Right Time

When and where should you give these gorgeous bridal party gifts? Some brides say the perfect time is at the rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding. Other brides are choosing to give gifts early. You can send a gift as early as when you first ask your bridal party to stand by your side on your special day. There is no “correct” time—do what feels right and you can’t go wrong!

A different scenario is to give your bridal party their gifts prior to the ceremony itself. If all of you are in the same area getting ready, it might be a sweet moment to gather your wedding party and hand out your gifts. This can be a great memorable moment together that each member of the party can be a part of. Your wedding day is an occasion where emotions run high, everyone is excited, and your besties might shed tears of joy.

Giving a heartfelt and meaningful bridal party gift will mark this moment as one of life’s important chapters that will mean so much to all of you. You’ll be glad you chose to engrave a special gift.

Wedding Party Gifts—We’re All About That at Ella Rose!

As an eco-conscious bridal jewelry boutique, we believe gift-giving should be meaningful and sustainable. That’s why every material we use is ethically sourced and handcrafted in our Nashville workshop. But we don’t stop there, all of our packaging is made from recyclable materials, so every step of the way, you know we are doing our part to put the Earth first.

If you are interested in shopping for any of these engravable bridesmaid gifts, browse our inventory online and email with any questions! And yes, that includes engraving ideas. Our bridal experts can help you find the right gift for everyone on your lsit.

In need of a new bracelet to complete your dream jewelry collection? With a variety of styles out there, it’s easy to get indecisive. Keep reading for tips on how to pick out the perfect bracelet to fit your taste!

Bracelets are a fun way to accessorize and elevate your look. Pick a statement piece to stand out on its own, or opt for a trendy stack. Ella Rose has a beautiful collection of eco-conscious moissanite jewelry to choose from – no matter the occasion, these bracelets will fit in seamlessly with your style. 

Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are a versatile style that is made to be stacked. Bangle bracelets usually slip over the wrist and hang loosely for an effortlessly chic vibe. For dressing up a flirty, going-out look, layer this Ella Rose yellow gold rainbow baguette bangle bracelet with thinner yellow gold bangles for an interesting and bright statement stack. This stack is meant to stand out, pair it with your favorite little black dress to add a pop of color to your cocktail attire. 

Tennis Bracelets

If you love the classics, a moissanite tennis bracelet is going to be your favorite go-to. This uniform, shining style is made for those who treasure elegance and class. A tennis bracelet looks refined and polished on its own or it can be paired with a thin gold chain bracelet for a trendier pairing. Check out this Ella Rose line bracelet, composed of stunning moissanite gems, an eco-friendly and equally brilliant substitute to the popular diamond tennis bracelet. For more formal events, the tennis bracelet is the obvious choice. 

Bolo Bracelets

Bolo bracelets are a really comfortable and stylish bracelet that transforms an otherwise formal bracelet into one suited for everyday wear. Delicate and straightforward, these bracelets were designed with casual elegance and grace in mind. Opt for this gorgeous Ella Rose moissanite bolo bracelet to add a staple piece to your collection. Styling tip: this bolo bracelet would look great stacked with the rainbow bangle bracelet style previously mentioned. 

Sterling Silver Bracelets 

You can’t go wrong with a classic sterling silver bracelet. Great for everyday wear, sterling silver goes with absolutely everything and looks amazing in a stack. Mix it with more sterling silver bracelets or with other metals like yellow or white gold for a modern interpretation. This sterling silver Ella Rose bracelet is an easy piece to throw on with a few shining silver bangles to complete the metallic, modern stack. 

Gold Bracelets

For a more rich, warm appearance, browse through Ella Rose’s collection of gold bracelets. Gold bracelets create a luxe distinction that has been loved for generations. Ella Rose offers an array of gold bracelets featuring stunning colorful gemstones, or classic moissanite gems. Mix and match colorful gems with clean, sleek gold bracelets for a layered stack that is sure to warm up any ensemble. Gold goes great with both casual and dressed-up occasions so don’t be afraid to add it to any outfit in your closet! 

Find Your Perfect Bracelet at Ella Rose

With so many styles and finishes to choose from, Ella Rose makes picking out your next treasured piece a dream. Let the Ella Rose staff help you find a bracelet that perfectly fits your personality and lifestyle. Shop these amazing styles and more bracelets online at Ella Rose, or email us at with any questions. 

The festivities of Mother’s Day began on May 10, 1908. Anna Jarvis wanted to commemorate her mother’s passing. So, she sent 500 carnations to the local church where her mother taught Sunday School. These flowers were to be worn by members of the church in Jarvis’ mother’s honor.

It has since become common to send other displays of affection for Mother’s Day yearly traditions as well. Specifically, jewelry has become a favorite tradition for many. Spending time picking out a piece of jewelry your mom will wear for years to come has become a go-to for many kids and significant others. Ella Rose knows how special these moments can be. That is why they have created a guide to getting the mother in your life the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

A Little Bit of You is Everything to Her

This engraved heart cutout circle necklace is sure to bring a smile to her face. You have the option to personalize this piece with up to eight characters. So, you can put a name or funny saying that only the two of you understand! This is a great gift if you are looking for something that is thoughtful, personalized, and great for everyday looks.

Let Her Rainbow Shine!

A bold and daring stacking ring is a great gift for moms who love to stay on top of fashion. The ring is made of fourteen karat rose gold and baguettes in a variety of colors.

The different colors add dimension to the piece, and the clarity in the stones is dazzling. The ring is a wonderful addition to any jewelry because it can be worn with any type of outfit.

Endless Love

Though the stacking ring is a wonderful gift, perhaps the color is not her style. For more traditional moms, the Moissanite hoop earrings are a stunning gift. A pair of these radiant earrings will give her the extra confidence to strut all over town.

These hoop earrings have latch earring backs, so she can move freely about her day. Available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, there is sure to be a style that will catch her eye.

A Little Bling Never Hurt Anyone

Adorn her wrist this year with this shimmering Moissanite tennis bracelet. The round clear moissanites catch the light perfectly as it dangles from the wrist. Weighing a total of 1.48 carats, this bracelet will make her feel decadent and luxurious.

Shop Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Online

For exceptional quality and unmatched convenience, shop for your Mother’s Day gift online at Ella Rose. Our staff is on standby waiting to help answer any questions about finding the perfect gift or the process of buying jewelry online. You can contact a friendly associate at Ella Rose by emailing or find out more from our FAQ.


It’s no secret that 2020 came with its share of challenges. As the most romantic day of the year approaches, it’s a great time to honor the woman who loved and supported you through the past months with a special Valentine’s Day present.

At Ella Rose, we proudly carry a wide range of modern and dazzling pieces perfect for showing your love, including an array of designs with fashion-forward rose gold and beautiful, affordable moissanite. Keep reading to discover more romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas, courtesy of our team and then shop online to find the ideal choice for you.

Vintage Charmer

Jewelry aficionados know that rose gold will continue to reign supreme in 2021. For a Valentine’s Day gift idea she’s sure to love, think about a stackable ring made from this enchanting metal. Available in either white, yellow, or rose gold, this vintage-inspired ring stands out due to the trio of moissanite stones in each elongated shape, framed by delicate milgrain detailing. As a bonus, you can easily stack this style with the other rings in your jewelry box. 

Dazzling and Delicate

Does the love of your life prefer jewelry that’s sweet and delicate? If so, this pink sapphire and diamond bangle is guaranteed to delight. Featuring gems set in 14k rose gold, the bracelet is the perfect complement to your workwear or after-hours look. The combined gemstone weight is .64 carats, making it a comfortable choice for daily wear. Sweet and feminine, the look is a natural choice for Valentine’s Day.

Everyday Wear

As another wearable piece you can don every day, this infinity necklace looks beautiful on its own or layered with other thin, delicate necklaces. Choose other rose gold chains or mix things up with white and yellow gold options. The infinity symbol indicates that you believe your love will last a lifetime. What better Valentine’s Day gift idea is there for the woman who means the world to you?

Bold Actions

Of course, sometimes subtlety is not the solution. For the woman who loves to stand out, consider these opal and diamond dangle earrings in stunning rose gold. Eye-catching and romantic, these earrings truly are a showstopper. Wear them with a basic black cocktail dress for a work mixer or show them off at your next special event. 

Buy Your Valentine’s Day Gift For Her at Ella Rose

If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea, make Ella Rose your first destination. Along with offering a wide array of beautiful pieces, including plenty of choices in trending rose gold, we pride ourselves on our commitment to environmental sustainability. You can rest assured knowing that every gem you purchase is both sustainable and conflict-free. Additionally, every piece is backed by Ella Rose’s lifetime guarantee. Shop online today and find something truly special. 

Throughout December, Ella Rose celebrates the most wonderful time of the year with a wide variety of stunning gifts.

Make holiday shopping easy with Ella Rose and the perfect gift guide for your special one. These top 5 gifts will make anyone feel loved, luxurious, and beautiful!

The Martini Stud Earrings are a timeless and classic piece that captures the brilliance of moissanite. Set in white gold, these earrings will “wow” anyone with their glittering surfaces.

Choose the Rainbow Baguette Bangle Bracelet, it includes diamonds and mixed colored gemstones for a striking feature. Surprise her with ruby, sapphire, garnet, and iolite gemstones.

Let her open a gift with a Personalized Moissanite Signet Ring! It can be personalized with one or two moissanite gemstones and engraved with a special message or her initials.

Like icicles reflecting the sun, watch as the Curved Bar Moissanite Necklace lights up the room as she opens her gift. Crested with five moissanite gemstones, it captures the fire and brilliance Ella Rose promises for each jewel. 

Or choose the Radiant Exceptional Moissanite Engagement Ring for a magical holiday proposal. A symbol of devotion and love will capture the essence of this holiday season. 

Ella Rose offers free gift wrapping with 2 day shipping, perfect for this holiday season! Buy your gift today and have it ready to place directly under the tree. In the giving spirit, 5% of every purchase is donated to the Conservation Fund—a practice Ella Rose is committed to all year long.

With luxurious and stunning jewels at every price-point, make her feel remarkable this season with a purchase from Ella Rose. Each piece is handmade and sustainable, crafted from responsibly sourced gemstones. Visit today and find the perfect sparkling gift that makes the season a little brighter.

Make sure your style stays scorching hot even as the weather cools with these exciting winter fashion jewelry trends for 2020.

As temperatures drop, many people are stowing their fall and summer attire in favor of warmer winter wear. However, they might not realize that jewelry also changes along with the seasons. At Ella Rose, we’re proud to offer all the most exciting winter fashion jewelry trends for 2020. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for her or something for yourself, trust that there’s a piece in our collection that’s guaranteed to please. Keep reading to discover some of the hottest accessories you can expect to see adorning necks, wrists, fingers, and earlobes this season. 

Top Winter Jewelry Trends With Gifting Tips

Finding the right jewelry gift is about more than just good taste. You also have to know which piece is perfect for the recipient. Depending on who’s on your gift list this holiday season, you might be looking for jewelry that’s fun, romantic, playful, or high-end. Here are some of the top styles for winter 2020, along with gifting tips courtesy of our team:

Ear Climbers

A top winter fashion jewelry trend for 2020, ear climbers have been ascending the popularity charts for months, and with good reason. Choose from simple metal climbers or elaborate earrings encrusted with gems. We’re particularly fond of these Ice Queen-inspired Sapphire and Diamond Ear Climbers that are perfect for the winter season. 

Gifting Tip: Sleek yet daring, this jewelry style makes a statement whether you’re wearing it with jeans or an evening gown. Pick up a pair for the woman who loves to stand out. 

Moissanite Jewelry

The stone created in the stars, moissanite was originally discovered in meteor fragments but is now made in a lab for everyone to enjoy. With its icy appearance, this sleek stone is perfect for holiday parties and winter gatherings alike. Top choices include these stunning three-stone Moissanite Drop Earrings and the Moissanite Bolo Bracelet, which offers a modern twist on the traditional tennis style. 

Gifting Tip: For women who are passionate about environmental sustainability, moissanite is an eco and ethically friendly choice that’s also fabulous. As a bonus, the bolo bracelet is perfect for when you don’t know her wrist size, as it can be adjusted to fit every wrist.

Halo Necklaces

Halo necklaces are trending as the most romantic gifts of the season. Taking the classic solitaire pendant and adding a luxurious row of diamonds surrounding the moissanite center stone strikes an elegant tone. Plus, a moissanite center stone keeps this style from being a budget buster. 

Gifting Tip: Take this gift to the next level by choosing a colored gemstone as the center stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Not sure whether she prefers rubies or sapphires? Consider choosing a gemstone based on her birthday stone, an anniversary, or a special moment. 

Bar Necklaces

From the simple to the elaborate, the minimal to the ornate, bar necklaces win points for being endlessly customizable. Along with clean white gold options, there are plenty of pieces encrusted with sparkling moissanite. Opt for a horizontal or vertical style: you can’t go wrong either way.

Gifting Tip: Fresh and modern, bar necklaces are an ideal choice for just about anyone on your guest list. Go above and beyond by getting the bar engraved with a special date or nickname that shows you care. 

Geometric Stackable Rings

What’s more thrilling than receiving one beautiful ring for the holidays? Opening a box with two or three rings. Featuring multiple styles and metals, these geometric rings are as playful as they are stylish. Even better, the recipient can opt to wear them on the same finger or split them up for a look that’s cool yet cohesive.

Gifting Tip: It’s hard to go wrong with stackable rings. For best results, take a look in her jewelry box and see what metal she prefers. 

Why Buy Your Fashion Jewelry with Ella Rose 

Searching for hand-crafted, elegant jewelry in all the latest fashions? Ella Rose prides itself on supplying a wide range of pieces made with ethically sourced gems and premium metals. Whether the woman in your life is more modern or classic, vintage or alternative, we’re confident one of our winter fashion jewelry trends of 2020 is sure to fit the bill. Shop online today to find something extraordinary.  

Finding the perfect jewelry gift requires careful planning and consideration unless you have our best-kept secrets for finding the one—the ideal gift for your special someone.

Everyone wants to be the ideal gift giver, the ultimate Santa, the one who stuns during the holiday season by picking out presents people didn’t even realize they badly wanted. Shopping during the holidays can be fun and rewarding, but finding the perfect gift for everyone takes planning and research. If you are shopping for jewelry for a loved one, there are some subtle methods you can use to find your loved one’s favorite style.

When on the hunt for the perfect jewelry gift, check out our helpful shopping guide. Our tried-and-true tips can help you choose a gift that your partner will love. Short of asking her directly, let us guide you in providing clever hacks to keep the gift a surprise.

Set a Budget

It’s important to set a budget for your gifts by considering how many people you need to get a gift for this year. Set a reasonable limit for your entire holiday shopping. This will give you a better idea of how much you have available to spend to stay within your boundaries. 

Consider the Style

With a budget in place, you can consider your loved one’s personal style. Notice details of the jewelry they already wear, like if it is simple and sleek. If they prefer elaborate and diamond-studded elements, those are big clues of more ornate taste. 

Try to note what kind of metal your partner prefers. Scroll through selfies and other pictures to remind you of these details or even show them to a professional jeweler to help you select a gift. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for directions or checking a map if you really want to reach your destination, which of course is to make her happy with the ultimate present.

What’s the Occasion?

Couple holding hands in the snow

With a style in mind, consider what type of gift you are ready to give her this year. A gift to evoke romance or celebrate your partner can often be a pair of stud earrings or a gorgeous pendant necklace. Consider the symbolism behind a gemstone jewelry piece, choosing perhaps her birthstone or a piece that represents your feelings for her. Avoid a diamond ring if you’re not planning to propose, as the risk is high that it may send the wrong message. 

Trending Styles

If you intend to gift your loved one another piece to add to her collection, there are many jewelry types to choose from, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and fashion rings. Consider what jewelry types she most often wears or figure out which jewelry she needs more of to round out her jewelry collection.

If you need more help, look toward trending jewelry styles of the season. A bolo bracelet is an on-trend choice that can stand out with gorgeous moissanite stones. Shop a classic, yet trendy hoop earring set, which can be worn in both formal and casual wear during the holidays. A good choice is to go with a bar necklace if your loved one has a minimalist and edgy style, for a personalized touch consider having it engraved.

Love Is In the Air

If you’re celebrating a romantic anniversary or want to show your loved one how much they mean to you, there are a few ways you can go. For instance, a popular trend of late is to buy your significant other another wedding band, to add to their wedding set on special occasions, and to remind them of your enduring love. If you are new to love and planning a life with someone special, an engagement ring is waiting for you to wow during a holiday proposal.

Shop Small Business

Holiday Gift

At Ella Rose, we appreciate our loyal customer base and everyone shopping from small businesses this holiday season. Shopping local and small not only supports your local community but gives you a better customer service experience, especially compared to the one-size-fits-all experience of a chain or big box store. We lovingly handcraft every jewelry piece we offer and we are thrilled to bring our quality pieces into your loving home this season. 

For all of your jewelry needs this holiday season, shop Ella Rose Jewelry. Shop our ethically sourced jewelry to find the perfect jewelry gift for all of your loved ones.

Rainbow jewelry has definitely found its place among the jewelry world and Ella Rose is proud to announce that we now have a gorgeous selection of these youthful pieces on our site! Summer and fall are the perfect time to get in on this popular jewelry trend and add a sprinkle of color to your look. Ella Rose is showcasing a large selection of bangles, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in 14K gold, embellished with colored gemstone details.



Stackable rainbow bangles and rings show-off a wide array of colors, making them wearable with a variety of outfits! Wear them with bright colors for a bold look, or wear them with whites, blacks, and neutrals for a subtle dash of vibrance. Bright colors in a myriad of shades and hues allure the senses of even the most simplistic fashion lovers. Adding rainbow sapphire jewelry to your ensemble is an easy and stylish way to blend some color into your everyday attire.


Explore a stunning collection of earrings and ear climbers to add a contemporary touch of color to your style. Earrings are the perfect way to jump into the colored gemstone trend. Sophisticated, yet prismatic, we’re enthralled by the discreet prominence of color that only divulges itself with a natural hair flip. In addition, colored gemstone earrings can be mixed and matched in an assortment of ways, relying on the number of ear piercings you have!


Colorful sapphire jewelry proceeds to take the fashion world by storm and Ella Rose encourages you to visit us online to learn more about the alluring sensation of colored gemstone jewelry! These gorgeous pieces are now available so you can join in on this fabulous craze! Rest assured that you can enjoy free shipping on your entire purchase!