When it comes to wedding wear, finding the perfect dress is only half the battle. Once you choose that breathtaking gown, it’s time to shop for bridal accessories to complete your look. 

Luckily, at Ella Rose we offer eco-friendly jewelry pieces to help every woman feel beautiful on her wedding day. Specializing in alternative engagement rings and moissanite jewelry, we offer a wide selection of accessories as unique as you are. Read on for tips on finding a bridal style that feels true to you. 

Top Tips on Choosing Bridal Accessories

It’s not enough to find a bridal look that aligns with the latest trends. If you want to ensure your photos will make you smile for years to come, it’s crucial to choose bridal accessories that suit your style while complementing your dress and veil. Here are some of our suggestions for creating a magical look for this magical day. 

Refine Your Style and Ditch the Pinterest Trends

It’s natural to want to keep up with the latest trends. However, the happiest brides tend to be the ones who stay true to their style. Rather than trying to incorporate a lot of different (and sometimes clashing) looks into your wedding wear, aim for a cohesive style that reflects who you are as a person. 

A diamond tennis bracelet is the epitome of timeless sophistication and won’t look out of place with almost any gown. Bring this classic style to the modern age with a moissanite line bracelet.  Bright and beautiful, moissanite sparkles even more brilliantly than diamonds, which makes this bracelet the perfect choice. As you walk down the aisle, let the rainbow hues dance while they reflect back the colors in your bouquet. 

Match Your Necklace to Your Neckline

Just about every bride wonders what jewelry to pair with her wedding dress. While there’s no one right answer, the best bridal accessories are the ones that make you smile. Many women choose a necklace based on their gown’s neckline. 

For example, statement necklaces look great with strapless styles, while it’s best to forgo a necklace if you have a high neck wedding dress. The most versatile necklace is a solitaire pendant, which will pair well with strapless, v-neck, sweetheart, and off the shoulder necklines. Consider this oval cut solitaire necklace featuring a glittering 1.2ct moissanite. While a diamond necklace of the same weight would be astronomical in price, Ella Rose provides affordable, sustainable alternatives so you can look your best on your wedding day without going over budget. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Up Your Metals 

Once upon a time, brides believed that all their wedding jewelry had to feature a single metal. Fortunately, fashion standards have changed, and it’s now more than acceptable to don yellow and rose gold jewelry with your white gold or platinum rings. 

A perennial favorite when it comes to wedding jewelry, hoops look incredible with off-the-face hairstyles. We’re crazy about these rose gold moissanite hoops. Feminine and romantic, they’re especially lovely with a blush-toned wedding gown. 

Opting for Comfort

It’s no secret that wedding gowns aren’t the most comfortable articles of apparel. While you might not be able to do anything to make that corset top less binding, you can at least ensure that your bridal jewelry is lightweight and pain-free. 

A great choice for brides who want to avoid the fuss, these halo stud earrings offer all the glamour and none of the discomfort. They look great with hair up or down and complement a wide selection of dress styles.

Find Your Wedding Jewelry at Ella Rose

Online jewelry retailer Ella Rose offers style consultations for brides-to-be who want to look their best. And because we provide complimentary 30-day returns, you can feel confident shopping our selection. Ready to find eco-friendly accessories that are almost as beautiful as you are? Shop online today or contact us to schedule your appointment. 

In need of a new bracelet to complete your dream jewelry collection? With a variety of styles out there, it’s easy to get indecisive. Keep reading for tips on how to pick out the perfect bracelet to fit your taste!

Bracelets are a fun way to accessorize and elevate your look. Pick a statement piece to stand out on its own, or opt for a trendy stack. Ella Rose has a beautiful collection of eco-conscious moissanite jewelry to choose from – no matter the occasion, these bracelets will fit in seamlessly with your style. 

Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are a versatile style that is made to be stacked. Bangle bracelets usually slip over the wrist and hang loosely for an effortlessly chic vibe. For dressing up a flirty, going-out look, layer this Ella Rose yellow gold rainbow baguette bangle bracelet with thinner yellow gold bangles for an interesting and bright statement stack. This stack is meant to stand out, pair it with your favorite little black dress to add a pop of color to your cocktail attire. 

Tennis Bracelets

If you love the classics, a moissanite tennis bracelet is going to be your favorite go-to. This uniform, shining style is made for those who treasure elegance and class. A tennis bracelet looks refined and polished on its own or it can be paired with a thin gold chain bracelet for a trendier pairing. Check out this Ella Rose line bracelet, composed of stunning moissanite gems, an eco-friendly and equally brilliant substitute to the popular diamond tennis bracelet. For more formal events, the tennis bracelet is the obvious choice. 

Bolo Bracelets

Bolo bracelets are a really comfortable and stylish bracelet that transforms an otherwise formal bracelet into one suited for everyday wear. Delicate and straightforward, these bracelets were designed with casual elegance and grace in mind. Opt for this gorgeous Ella Rose moissanite bolo bracelet to add a staple piece to your collection. Styling tip: this bolo bracelet would look great stacked with the rainbow bangle bracelet style previously mentioned. 

Sterling Silver Bracelets 

You can’t go wrong with a classic sterling silver bracelet. Great for everyday wear, sterling silver goes with absolutely everything and looks amazing in a stack. Mix it with more sterling silver bracelets or with other metals like yellow or white gold for a modern interpretation. This sterling silver Ella Rose bracelet is an easy piece to throw on with a few shining silver bangles to complete the metallic, modern stack. 

Gold Bracelets

For a more rich, warm appearance, browse through Ella Rose’s collection of gold bracelets. Gold bracelets create a luxe distinction that has been loved for generations. Ella Rose offers an array of gold bracelets featuring stunning colorful gemstones, or classic moissanite gems. Mix and match colorful gems with clean, sleek gold bracelets for a layered stack that is sure to warm up any ensemble. Gold goes great with both casual and dressed-up occasions so don’t be afraid to add it to any outfit in your closet! 

Find Your Perfect Bracelet at Ella Rose

With so many styles and finishes to choose from, Ella Rose makes picking out your next treasured piece a dream. Let the Ella Rose staff help you find a bracelet that perfectly fits your personality and lifestyle. Shop these amazing styles and more bracelets online at Ella Rose, or email us at with any questions. 

Why should you consider alternative center stone engagement rings? When you opt for diamond alternatives in your engagement ring, you don something truly unique in its beauty. Diamond alternatives are also more eco and cost-friendly. Gemstones like moissanite, sapphire, emerald, and morganite might just be your dream engagement ring center stone!

Brilliance And Fire

Of all the gemstones presented to you today, moissanite gemstones feature a brilliance and fire that is most comparable to that of a diamond. Next to diamonds, they are also the second most durable gemstone! 

Naturally-occurring moissanite is quite rare. Today, moissanite is lab-created to perfection. Since these stones are lab-grown, they minimize the environmental impact when compared to diamonds, and they are always conflict-free.

Do you want a gemstone that disperses light even more brilliantly than a diamond? Then shop moissanite engagement rings! Go with a classic round cut moissanite or be bold in a radiant cut.

Vibrant And Distinguished

The emerald gemstone is representative of nature and vibrancy in life. Distinguished in appearance, this stone is completely transfixing. An emerald is an ideal symbol to commemorate your engagement, marriage, and life together!

This elegant gemstone is durable enough for everyday wear, wonderfully affordable, and responsibly mined. We work with well-known emerald deposits in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia to bring you beautifully enchanting emeralds. 

Pick from our stunning oval cut emerald and diamond halo rings. They range in carat weight from 0.71 to 1.06 to fit any style. These emerald rings contrast beautifully with their luxe white gold bands.

Lush and Delicate

Fall in love with an irresistibly sweet morganite center stone! Varying from peach to pink in color, morganite engagement rings are distinctly feminine. With a 7.5 to 8 hardness rating on the Mohs scale, morganites are suitable for everyday wear.

Our morganites are conscientiously mined by our partner mines in California, Maine, Mozambique, Afghanistan, and Russia. Not only do our morganites shine brilliantly, but they are also sourced brilliantly!

Take in the beauty of these heavenly morganite engagement rings. Choose from halo and solitaire designs. Each of our morganite engagement rings includes sparkling white diamonds set in sweet rose gold bands.

Regal and Refined

Bring a regal element to your engagement ring with a storied sapphire! Sapphires are just a touch less durable, and we really mean a touch, than moissanite. As such, sapphires are equally ideal for everyday wear. 

At Ella Rose, our sapphire gemstones are responsibly mined in collaboration with our partner mines in Sri Lanka. When you purchase a sapphire engagement ring from Ella Rose, you know you’re wearing an ethical, traceable, and natural gemstone. 

Explore brilliant blue sapphire engagement rings. Handpick from solitaire, halo, and three stone designs. Our sapphire rings incorporate glittering white diamonds as accent stones

Handpick An Exquisite Engagement Ring

Explore alternative center stone engagement rings and even more stunning pieces at Ella Rose. At Ella Rose, we celebrate gemstones in all their beauty. We also make it easy for you to find the perfect engagement ring! Explore our inventive collections online. For a unique and unparalleled selection, shop engagement rings and wedding bands at Ella Rose. 

Ella Rose launched a “Build Your Own Ring” tool to streamline the engagement ring design process. Select a mounting, then choose from a wide array of available center stones to complete the ring.

Customers can make the process as simple or detailed as desired. Every ring characteristic is entirely customizable and the final product is handcrafted by master jewelers in Ella Rose’s Nashville, Tennessee workshop.

Solitaires, halos, and a variety of ring settings are available to choose from as a base. Then, decide between white, yellow or rose gold, or even platinum to begin the customization process. Next, consider a moissanite or colored gemstone center stone. Every ring style can be coordinated with an expansive selection of stone shapes and sizes to match any budget and style preference.

Ella Rose specializes in moissanite engagement rings, and they continue to rise in popularity due to their practicality and stunning shine. Moissanite is a conflict-free affordable alternative to diamonds. As lab-grown gemstones, they have minimal impact on the environment, making this purchase entirely guilt-free.

Browse through Ella Rose’s collection of stunning moissanite engagement rings or read up on trending stone shapes to pull inspiration before customizing. Designing an engagement ring is a personal and meaningful way to commemorate the love shared between partners. What better way to symbolize a unique love than with a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring?

About Ella Rose

Founded by brothers, David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose has become the online destination for fine fashion and bridal jewelry that leaves a minimal impact on the environment. Find alternative engagement rings which rival the finest diamond brands. Master jewelers handcraft each piece in their Nashville, Tennessee workshop. By ethically sourcing every natural gemstone, often from the USA whenever possible, Ella Rose adheres to a strict sustainable practice of jewelry making. Ella Rose has embodied the sincere hope that they can leave the world a better place for their children.

To learn more about the products offered by Ella Rose, visit their website at

Is there finally a better alternative to diamonds? Sustainable. Brilliant. Affordable. Look out diamonds—your dream engagement ring just got elevated with the Forever One Moissanite.

At Ella Rose, we take pride in offering sustainable bridal jewelry as breathtaking as any traditional bridal designs. Many people crave eco-friendly options and want a beautiful engagement ring or wedding band that represents their deepest love without any guilt over harm to others or the environment. With that philosophy in mind, we’re passionate about using the highest quality lab-grown moissanite stones in the world, which has led us to the Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite. Read on to learn about this magnificent gem and discover how their pieces stand out from the rest.

Introduction to Moissanite

Diamonds might be the traditional choice for engagement jewelry, but moissanite has joined the ranks as a competitive alternative. Discovered in meteorite fragments in the 1890s, this dazzling yet durable gemstone is now lab-created to perfection. As a result, buyers can rest assured moissanite is conflict-free. As a bonus, moissanite is known for dispersing light that is more brilliant than even the highest-end diamonds and naturally occurring stones. It truly is a gem created by the stars, and it will shine like pure starlight.

One of the many reasons for moissanite’s appeal is how it can be purchased in a wide range of cuts and colors. Choose from round, princess, emerald, pear cuts, and more. Additionally, you can find moissanite in various beautiful colors ranging from clear white to pink, champagne, and even green. 

Get to Know Charles & Colvard

Recognizing the rare beauty of moissanite, Ella Rose is passionate about bringing this stunning stone to our customer base. As part of our commitment to ensuring your engagement jewelry is as beautiful as your love for each other, we pride ourselves on selling only Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite jewelry in our store. Lab-grown here in the United States, Forever One represents the best moissanite in the world thanks to a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide. The end result is that every gem is beautifully cut and exceptionally durable, ensuring it will last a lifetime. In fact, every Charles & Colvard stone comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty protecting against damage to the stone.


Along with offering the highest-quality moissanite on the market, Charles & Colvard is passionate about environmental responsibility. All buyers can rest assured knowing the jewelry purchased was made in a manner which is ethically sourced and ethically produced. 

Why Buy Moissanite Jewelry With Ella Rose 

Representing the dream of brothers David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose supplies beautiful, timeless engagement jewelry featuring the most exceptional metals and gems. Since we prize quality and integrity, our team is thrilled to offer pieces by Charles & Colvard and other top designers. Whether your search is for the top moissanite rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, trust us to have the perfect option in our collection. For more on what we do, shop online today at We look forward to helping you shine.

Impact of Diamonds on Environment

The Diamond Impact

The diamond mining process has caused controversy for many years. The current practices of diamond mining have caused immense damage to the environment and several economies. The most well-known diamond mines are located around Africa. However, diamond mining happens all over the world, including the United States.

Environmental Issues

To mine one carat of diamond, you must move 1,750 tons of earth. There is little regulation in other countries, resulting in irreversible damage. From river pollution to large sinkholes, the damage doesn’t stop there. Between 1956 and 2003, river pollution increased by 36% in some areas. After serving their purpose, many diamond mines are left unrepaired. When this happens, erosion takes place causing the wholes to grow even larger. Beyond losing land area, the pollution resulting from diamond mining also leaves long-term effects. Once a mine closes, there’s little obligation for the company to repair the land area they have destroyed.

Economics in the Diamond Business

For many people, diamonds symbolize the backbone of their wealth. This fortune comes at a cost, though. Sometimes diamond mines are located in poverty-stricken warzones. Diamonds produced in those mines are called “Blood Diamonds.” Their name means they are oftentimes sold to finance insurgencies. Many conflicts in the diamond industry have caused civil wars, violence, and unfathomable damage to many lives.

When you zoom in on who is actually profiting, you begin to realize that it’s not the miners that are risking their lives day in and day out. It’s the diamond manufacturers that are seeing direct profits. The diamond business in Africa has led to several civil wars, resulting in countless casualties. It’s extremely common for wars to break out in the diamond mining areas and the government does little to nothing to put it to an end. Even though the profits from diamond mining have a huge pay off in many countries, the people risking their lives will likely never see this fortune. By knowing where your diamonds come from, you’re helping to change the cycle.

Responsible Diamond Mining

In the best cases, regulations are involved and companies are held responsible for their actions, resulting in responsible diamond mining. Here at Ella Rose, we source our diamonds from places who participate in responsible diamond mining. By choosing an Ella Rose ring, you are supporting ethical and responsible sourcing. You’re also giving back to your own economy.  Therefore, by saying no to diamonds that pose as a threat to the economy, you are choosing to support responsible diamond mining.

For years, diamonds have been the symbol of love, commitment, and unity. Purchasing the perfect diamond can be overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. You are taking your relationship to the next level and committing yourself to the one you love. Ella Rose makes it easy for you to not only commit to her but also to commit to the planet in which we live.

Ethical Sourcing and Local Impact

There was once a time when product sourcing happened just a few hundred miles away. As our global economy has grown, production has grown and changed, as well. With an economy that changes so drastically, we discover the perpetual evolution in ethically sourced products.

This global transition significantly affects the production of jewelry and precious stones. Oftentimes, precious metals and gemstones used in jewelry production come from mines thousands of miles away. More modern companies are mining their gemstones in foreign countries. This is taking business away from their local economy. When consumers buy ethically sourced products, it results in a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Here at Ella Rose, we don’t just care about how we get our materials, but we also care about the impact we have on the environment. Our goal is to make our consumers more conscious about the environment each time they purchase a piece of Ella Rose jewelry.

When you take the time to learn about what you’re buying, you become apart of a chain effect. By emphasizing the importance of utilizing ethically sourced materials, we have a positive effect on the environment, community, and economy.

Here are three benefits of buying ethically sourced products or materials:

Environmental Impact

Products created and shipped from thousands of miles away have an impact on your carbon footprint. Historically, this represents the total emissions caused by a single individual, event, organization or product. By purchasing responsibly sourced products, you are reducing the size of your carbon footprint. The more awareness we instill in our Ella Rose consumers the smaller our carbon footprint becomes.

Local Economy

Ella Rose prefers to domestically source all of our precious metals and gemstones whenever possible. For example, 100% of our moissanite stones are mined in North Carolina. We are attempting to create solutions that make the most economical and environmental sense. We want to provide high-quality jewelry handmade using only ethically sourced gemstones and metals.

Know Where You Buy

In a perfect world, we would be able to trace back the origins of every product we come into contact with. Unfortunately, in an economy that is rapidly growing and changing, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of almost anything. Here at Ella Rose, we want to help you trace back the origins of every part of your precious jewelry.

Ella Rose’s Eco-Friendly Packaging

Every year, each person in the United States produces 63 pounds of plastic packaging. Every year, that 63 pounds of plastic wind up in a landfill somewhere. Almost everything we use comes in a package of some sort. Even your engagement ring has packaging.  This excess material builds up to unfathomable amounts, at the cost of our beloved planet. Therefore, Ella Rose wants to break the cycle. Our eco-friendly packaging is recyclable, sustainable, constructed from recycled materials, and is much safer for the environment.

By switching to eco-friendly packaging, we can reduce waste by billions of pounds. For instance, the Grocery Manufacturers Association has reduced waste by 1.5 billion pounds since 2005. When companies and consumers change their habits, it makes a huge impact.

At Ella Rose, we want to take part in this monumental change. Hence, why our jewelry boxes, ribbons, and gift wrapping is recyclable. It should also be noted that our eco-friendly packaging is made in the United States. Not only do we want to focus on our jewelry being eco-friendly, but we think our packaging should follow suit.

Ella Rose has partnered with GreenWay® to supply all of our eco-friendly packaging. This company prides itself on having recyclable, degradable, natural and sustainable products. Sharing adjacent values, we felt it would be an excellent opportunity to work closely with them.

Here are some of the eco-friendly products we use within our company:

Natural Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Packaged in Natural Kraft Boxes, that are elegant to the eye and practical to the environment, showcase our jewelry gorgeously. Our boxes recycle easily and will be usable for repurposing at a later date. Ella Rose proudly stands up for our efforts in leaving this world in better condition than we have found it.

Luxury Gift Wrapping

So many trees are cut down each year, destroying natural forests. To make paper, four billion trees have been cut down worldwide. Here at Ella Rose, our luxury gift wrapping comes from well-managed forests. To reduce harm to the environment, our materials come from trees grown specifically for paper production.

Green Moss Ribbons

Our green moss ribbons are the perfect touch to finishing off our packaging. We believe that every aspect of our company should be 100% sustainable. Our ribbons, made from cellulose acetate, is a wood-based fiber that gives the ribbon an elegantly woven look. It’s our goal to make a change in the world by promoting eco-friendly products. That way, when you make your lifelong commitment to your partner, you are making a lifetime commitment to the environment as well.