August 2020


Rainbow jewelry has definitely found its place among the jewelry world and Ella Rose is proud to announce that we now have a gorgeous selection of these youthful pieces on our site! Summer and fall are the perfect time to get in on this popular jewelry trend and add a sprinkle of color to your look. Ella Rose is showcasing a large selection of bangles, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in 14K gold, embellished with colored gemstone details.



Stackable rainbow bangles and rings show-off a wide array of colors, making them wearable with a variety of outfits! Wear them with bright colors for a bold look, or wear them with whites, blacks, and neutrals for a subtle dash of vibrance. Bright colors in a myriad of shades and hues allure the senses of even the most simplistic fashion lovers. Adding rainbow sapphire jewelry to your ensemble is an easy and stylish way to blend some color into your everyday attire.


Explore a stunning collection of earrings and ear climbers to add a contemporary touch of color to your style. Earrings are the perfect way to jump into the colored gemstone trend. Sophisticated, yet prismatic, we’re enthralled by the discreet prominence of color that only divulges itself with a natural hair flip. In addition, colored gemstone earrings can be mixed and matched in an assortment of ways, relying on the number of ear piercings you have!


Colorful sapphire jewelry proceeds to take the fashion world by storm and Ella Rose encourages you to visit us online to learn more about the alluring sensation of colored gemstone jewelry! These gorgeous pieces are now available so you can join in on this fabulous craze! Rest assured that you can enjoy free shipping on your entire purchase!