March 2021


Secrets aren’t usually a good thing, but when it comes to the big proposal moment, keeping your plans a secret is a tradition. Without her help, however, it’s up to you to find out her ring size and preferred ring style, not to mention getting everything set up for the proposal itself. If you don’t have any experience with jewelry shopping, finding the perfect ring can be nerve-racking.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a jewelry expert to find a ring she’ll love. Asking a professional jeweler for help can ease your burden. There are also plenty of other proven ways to get the right-sized ring while keeping your plan under wraps. If you want to give your partner the surprise of a lifetime, follow these tried-and-true engagement ring shopping tips.

Snoop Around

Use your methods of deduction to find rings that your partner wears on their ring finger. You can either borrow it for future reference or trace its outline if you think she’ll miss the piece. If you can’t find a ring finger, choose any other ring but let the jeweler know which ring you’re referencing. If tracing, draw the circle inside and outside of the ring on a piece of paper multiple times to get a clear and visible outline.

Go Shopping

If your partner doesn’t have any rings for reference or you can’t manage to borrow one, you can plan a situation ahead of time where she’ll have to reveal her ring size. Head to a thrift store or open-market where you may find jewelry or jewelry vendors. Nudge your partner over to the jewelry section and offer to buy them a ring as a simple token of affection. As your partner tries on different options, pay attention to the size of the ring, which is usually visible on the ring itself or near it on the display box. 

Ask for Help

You don’t have to go at it completely alone. Ask your partner’s friends and family if they know your partner’s ring size. Parents, siblings, and friends may know this tidbit from previous gifts they’ve given. You can even concoct a plan where a friend or parent asks your partner for their ring size and act like they’re planning on buying her a fashion ring. Of course, only ask if you are comfortable revealing the secret to your chosen confidant. Choose someone who you know will not purposely or accidentally divulge your plans.

Go Big 

If you absolutely can’t zero in on a close ring size estimate, the safest bet is to get a ring sized slightly larger than your partner’s ring finger circumference. Often, many jewelers will offer a complimentary resizing service in case the engagement ring is too big. Going too small, however, is more difficult to fix since a jeweler will have to add more metal to make it larger. Keep in mind, it’s nearly impossible to resize rings that have accent stones on the shank. This hack works best with classic solitaire rings.

Be Honest

You can still create a thoughtful proposal even if you choose to directly ask her for her ring size. If you’ve been together long enough, the topic of marriage has probably already come up. In fact, having an honest conversation about your future together can set you up for success instead of worrying whether they’ll say yes. You still have complete control over the location, date, and every other detail to create a memorable experience.

Trust the Experts 

If all else fails, ask the jewelry experts. Ella Rose Jewelry’s master jewelers have over 30 years of experience handcrafting ethically-sourced metals and gemstones in a range of captivating designs. Our experienced artisans can take the time to guide you toward a perfect or near-perfect sized engagement ring. Spend your time and money wisely all while creating the perfect moment to ask your partner’s hand in marriage.

Ella Rose connects brides-to-be with engagement rings that symbolize their unique style and love. Find out which engagement ring styles are soaring in popularity for spring to discover if any of these trending beauties feels like the perfect match!

Bridal trends tend to shift from season to season, but the best ones allow each style to feel expressive and unique. More women today want engagement rings that truly embody their personality and the love they share with their partners. Sometimes that expression comes from a deeply hued stone instead of a traditional diamond. Swap out a colorless gem for a colorful gemstone like this beautiful vintage-inspired blue sapphire engagement ring

For many brides-to-be, the classic solitaire engagement ring is the embodiment of commitment and class. Ella Rose offers a stunning collection of solitaire wedding rings like this delicate Lily engagement ring. All rings feature lab-grown and certified Charles & Colvard Forever One™ moissanite. Due to their environmentally friendly nature and reasonable price, moissanite rings have continued to climb in popularity. 

Forever One™ is the finest quality moissanite in the world, engineered to be more brilliant and durable than any other gemstone. Moissanite is the perfect choice for the bride who wants the resilience of a diamond ring without damaging the environment or their pocketbook. 

An impressive trend to go after is the radiant cut engagement ring for a luxurious and posh look. A radiant cut center stone blends the sleek shape of an emerald cut with the brilliance found in a round cut. Lab-grown moissanite is ideal for crafting engagement rings with more extravagantly shaped center stones like the Claire engagement ring


Lately, trends have been bringing back blasts from the past. The rise in popularity of yellow gold is perfect for the bride that loves a vintage feel with a modern twist. Ella Rose’s Kennedy emerald cut engagement ring is a timeless embodiment of elegance and class. 

Opting to wear only a wedding band instead of a bridal set with an engagement ring is the trend to follow for the minimalist. A single wedding band is an understated way to symbolize the deeply personal love these rings have traditionally represented. This moissanite eternity band is a sleek and sophisticated ring to commemorate vows with. 

About Ella Rose

Founded by brothers, David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose has become the online destination for fine fashion and bridal jewelry that leaves a minimal impact on the environment. Find alternative engagement rings which rival the finest diamond brands. Master jewelers handcraft each piece in their Nashville, Tennessee workshop. By ethically sourcing every natural gemstone, often from the USA whenever possible, Ella Rose adheres to a strict sustainable practice of jewelry making. Ella Rose has embodied the sincere hope that they can leave the world a better place for their children.

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