July 2021


Your engagement is a special moment that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. However, telling friends and family the big news is almost equally thrilling. There are plenty of unique, memorable ways to announce this milestone to the people you love. At Ella Rose, we’re passionate about providing our clients with resources to check off everything on their bridal planning list. We’ve rounded up our top tips on breaking the news of your engagement in the most exciting ways.

Announce Your Engagement in a Big Way

Newspaper marriage announcements are so passe. These days, modern brides and grooms are concocting fun and new ways to share their good news with the world. Make your engagement announcement memorable! Check out these suggestions to find ideas that surprise your friends and family.

Professional Engagement Shoots

When it comes to sharing engagement news, photoshoots are a common choice, but opting for the traditional, happy couple headshot isn’t very exciting. If you want to upgrade the way you announce your news, consider a post that makes your engagement ring the star of the show. Play with perspective and have your photographer use the engagement ring as a silhouette where you can see the two of you in the foreground—extra points if you get a gorgeous sunset shot. 

You can also shoot in a place meaningful to you and your sweetheart, like the location of your first date or the setting where you first met. You can even recreate your first photo together! Side by side you can see just how far you have come. 

Pet-Friendly Celebrations

Pets are beloved members of the family, so it’s only logical to want to include them when you announce your engagement. Take a playful and cute pic of your beloved Fido or Fluffy with a sign saying, “My humans are getting hitched!” Who doesn’t want to see more pups on their feed? No friend of ours!

Give Them a Sign

Speaking of signs, chalkboard announcements are a great option for sharing your engagement news. You and your sweetie can hold the sign while a friend or professional photographer snaps away. Choose from more traditional messages or silly sayings, such as, “This just got real.”

Caricature Drawing

Not a fan of having your picture taken? If you or your partner are camera shy then you might prefer a caricature over an official portrait. The best caricature artists can create customized images tailored to both your personalities and interests. You could ask that the artist draw the two of you as characters from a TV show or even as your favorite animal. After the announcement, you can keep the original and hang it in your future home as a sweet reminder.

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Summer is the time to let loose, enjoy friends and family, and have some serious fun, but all that action can have an unwanted effect on your baubles. Arming yourself with proper jewelry care techniques ensures that you can keep your jewels safe and in top condition so that you are free to do what really matters – have fun! 

Jewelry Care Tips to Avoid Hidden Dangers

Summer means lots of beach time, lots of pool time, and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, that also means lots of hidden dangers for your jewels. While a dainty diamond necklace and some dazzling gold hoop earrings pair perfectly with a cute summer dress and sandals, many summer activities can do serious damage to your delicate jewelry.

Before You Make A Splash

The harsh chlorine of the swimming pool and the corrosive saltwater at the beach can be damaging to your ring’s stones and metals, while the sunscreen you are sure to be lathering on will be equally destructive. The same goes for bug spray. All of these harsh liquids, even perfume, can not only give your lovely jewelry an unpleasant sticky surface, but can tarnish the shine on the metals and dull the sparkle on your stones. Do your favorite accessories a favor and keep them off while swimming and sunbathing.

Summer Heat Waves

The warm summer weather itself doesn’t do your jewelry any favors. Not only do we sweat more in the summer, which can leave dirty residue and body oils behind on our jewels, but the humidity can cause precious metals to tarnish more quickly than they otherwise would. Proper care is a necessity under these harsh conditions.

No matter how cautious you are, keeping your jewelry cleaned is extremely important. Wipe each piece off after use with a soft, damp towel and be sure to follow up with a professional cleaning once your vacation is through to catch any damaging residue that you may have missed.

Careful Packing Can Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

One of the biggest jewelry problems of the summer is how to travel with your jewels – pick pieces that are versatile enough to mix and match yet luxe enough to dress up even the most casual of summer outfits so you don’t have to travel with your entire jewelry collection. 

The safest way to pack your jewelry for travel is in a cloth jewelry roll, which allows you to keep everything in one convenient location yet safely separated so pieces don’t get tangled or scratched. They roll up neatly and take up little room, letting you bring your favorite summer accessories along without sacrificing valuable suitcase space.

DIY Jewelry Packing Options

If you want to skip the extra expense, you can always fashion your own roll out of a soft towel. Simply lay out your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and roll up the towel, tying down the sides to secure everything in place. Tuck the towel into your bag and hit the road! 

Safety Is Always a Top Priority

When we go on vacation or out with friends we like to be seen in our best but keep safety in mind this summer as you head out for some fun. Expensive jewelry like sparkling diamond necklaces or shimmering ruby earrings are not only at risk of getting lost or damaged but can attract a lot of the wrong kind of attention. 

If you’re planning on being in an area you aren’t familiar with or doing something hazardous to your jewels like swimming in a chlorine pool, consider leaving your jewelry off until conditions are more favorable. If you are staying in a hotel, take advantage of an in-room safe so that there is no risk of your precious pieces becoming lost or stolen when you aren’t wearing them.

For added security and peace of mind don’t forget to insure your fine jewelry. While it won’t get your precious possessions back, insurance will help replace them if lost or stolen. Be sure to review your coverage carefully so you know what is and isn’t covered, and check with your favorite jeweler for policy recommendations.  

Let Ella Rose Help You Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe 

Now that you know how to care for your jewelry while you soak up the summer sun and fun, it’s time to head over to Ella Rose to spice up your summer wardrobe with some exquisite new pieces for your collection. Visit us online today to explore the season’s hottest trends, such as this adorable moissanite bolo bracelet that will pair perfectly with any summer outfit. Our risk-free shopping experience makes sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase. 

At Ella Rose, our mission is to provide customers with affordable fine jewelry made from ethically sourced materials, making it easy to find jewelry that you love.