Is there finally a better alternative to diamonds? Sustainable. Brilliant. Affordable. Look out diamonds—your dream engagement ring just got elevated with the Forever One Moissanite.

At Ella Rose, we take pride in offering sustainable bridal jewelry as breathtaking as any traditional bridal designs. Many people crave eco-friendly options and want a beautiful engagement ring or wedding band that represents their deepest love without any guilt over harm to others or the environment. With that philosophy in mind, we’re passionate about using the highest quality lab-grown moissanite stones in the world, which has led us to the Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite. Read on to learn about this magnificent gem and discover how their pieces stand out from the rest.

Introduction to Moissanite

Diamonds might be the traditional choice for engagement jewelry, but moissanite has joined the ranks as a competitive alternative. Discovered in meteorite fragments in the 1890s, this dazzling yet durable gemstone is now lab-created to perfection. As a result, buyers can rest assured moissanite is conflict-free. As a bonus, moissanite is known for dispersing light that is more brilliant than even the highest-end diamonds and naturally occurring stones. It truly is a gem created by the stars, and it will shine like pure starlight.

One of the many reasons for moissanite’s appeal is how it can be purchased in a wide range of cuts and colors. Choose from round, princess, emerald, pear cuts, and more. Additionally, you can find moissanite in various beautiful colors ranging from clear white to pink, champagne, and even green. 

Get to Know Charles & Colvard

Recognizing the rare beauty of moissanite, Ella Rose is passionate about bringing this stunning stone to our customer base. As part of our commitment to ensuring your engagement jewelry is as beautiful as your love for each other, we pride ourselves on selling only Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite jewelry in our store. Lab-grown here in the United States, Forever One represents the best moissanite in the world thanks to a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide. The end result is that every gem is beautifully cut and exceptionally durable, ensuring it will last a lifetime. In fact, every Charles & Colvard stone comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty protecting against damage to the stone.


Along with offering the highest-quality moissanite on the market, Charles & Colvard is passionate about environmental responsibility. All buyers can rest assured knowing the jewelry purchased was made in a manner which is ethically sourced and ethically produced. 

Why Buy Moissanite Jewelry With Ella Rose 

Representing the dream of brothers David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose supplies beautiful, timeless engagement jewelry featuring the most exceptional metals and gems. Since we prize quality and integrity, our team is thrilled to offer pieces by Charles & Colvard and other top designers. Whether your search is for the top moissanite rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, trust us to have the perfect option in our collection. For more on what we do, shop online today at We look forward to helping you shine.

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