When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, band selection gets most of the attention. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect to consider the shape of your center stone. Whether you opt for a diamond or another gem, the cut is of optimal importance, affecting everything from how much the ring sparkles to the way it makes you feel. Moreover, different stone shapes work best for certain types of brides. 

At Ella Rose, we take pride in providing rings made from beautiful and environmentally friendly moissanite, the only stone that originated from the stars. Found in meteor remnants, moissanite is now made in a lab; however, the end result is no less brilliant. Keep reading to learn about the top trending moissanite shapes for 2021, along with tips on choosing the right cut for your bride to be. 

Matching the Stone Cut to the Bride

What’s the perfect gem shape for your sweetheart? Is she traditional or modern? Elegant or unconventional? Read on to discover the top trending moissanite shapes for brides of different stripes. 

Round Cut

Looking for a ring that shines brighter than the rest? Then look no further than the classic engagement ring stone cut, the brilliant round cut. Trending endlessly because of its captivating shine, every year round cut rings are the most popular cut of engagement rings sold. While this cut is popular, it is anything but ordinary. Choosing a round cut moissanite allows brides the most options for finding an engagement ring setting that reflects their own unique personality. Not to mention the timeless cut allows for the piece to perhaps one day be passed along as a family heirloom. 

Oval Cut 

Want to step away from the crowd, without sacrificing any sparkle? An oval cut ring may be just the thing to help you achieve your dreams. This particular stone cut is second only to the round cut for brilliance, however, the elongated shape allows for an increased surface area, which means more ways to enjoy the irresistible shimmer. At once feminine and delicate, oval stones evoke memories of ages past. Additionally, these shapes look lovely when paired with side stones in different colors. Consider an oval-cut moissanite ring with a rose gold band for the bride who stands out in any room she walks into. 

Pear Shaped 

Featuring a narrow top and rounded bottom, pear shaped stones are undeniably modern, making them a great option for contemporary-minded brides. Reminiscent of a teardrop, these uniquely dazzling stones are at once playful and romantic. For a look that makes the center stone the star of the show, opt for a classic solitaire setting. On the other hand, if you want a more ornate style, consider a vintage-inspired band boasting side stones or a halo.

Shop for Stunning Engagement Rings at Ella Rose

For ethically sourced rings that are as lovely as they are unique, make Ella Rose your first choice for bridal jewelry. Our talented master jewelers utilize the highest-quality moissanite to craft rings that shine brilliantly no matter what cut you choose. Shop our selection online and rest assured knowing that you’ll find something extraordinary.  

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