Once upon a time, a meteorite crashed down in the desert of Arizona. After finding a sparkling new mineral inside, scientists determined how to replicate this beautiful stone in a lab. Known as moissanite, the gem is beloved worldwide for its superior sparkle and environmental sustainability. Unlike diamonds and other mined stones, moissanite has no negative effect on the natural world. As a bonus, this stone is exceptionally durable and disperses light more effectively than diamonds. 

At Ella Rose, we’re pleased to carry Forever One Moissanite and Exceptional Moissanite, widely regarded as the best brands in the world. Keep reading to learn more about this stone of the stars and get tips on shopping for a moissanite ring for the special woman in your life. 

Forever One Moissanite and Exceptional Moissanite: Which One’s Right for Your Love?

Ella Rose customers enjoy access to the highest-quality gems Forever One Moissanite and Exceptional Moissanite created by industry powerhouse, Charles and Colvard. Unlike other brands of lab-grown moissanite, Charles and Colvard patented and perfected the Forever One Moissanite over decades. Now it is revered as the most premium moissanite available on the market.

Offering a wide selection of colorless and near-colorless grades of moissanite, Forever One delivers an unbeatable combination of flawless cut and superior symmetry. As a bonus, buyers can rest assured knowing their purchases are preserving the natural world for future generations. 

On the other hand, Exceptional Moissanite has won acclaim for providing larger stones with exquisite proportions. In fact, every diamond featured in this collection weighs in at a minimum of three carats. For optimal brilliance and shine, you can’t go wrong with Exceptional Moissanite. 

The Benefits of Ready to Ship Rings

You know she’s the one for you, and you don’t want to wait to say “I do.” If this sounds familiar, you might consider one of the Ready to Ship rings available at Ella Rose. Available with stones from both Forever One and Exceptional Moissanite, these styles feature convenient all-in-one pricing, so you don’t have to worry about finding different components that stay within budget. Additionally, our talented jewelers can custom forge your engagement ring to match any particular center gem. 


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