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How to Choose the Best Moissanite Shape

Choosing the Perfect Moissanite Shape for Your Engagement Ring

You've found the love of your life, now what about that ring? Moissanite is available in a variety of shapes, and choosing the best cut for moissanite can be a struggle. If you don't know your rounds from your radiants, don't worry! We've listed the basic Forever One™ Moissanite shapes and their attributes to help you choose the best Moissanite shape that best suits her personality and individual style.

1. Round

Round-cut Moissanites are often referred to as brilliant-cut Moissanites. Round-cut Moissanites make up the majority of all Moissanites gemstones sold today. One of the most proportionally ideal cuts, expertly crafted Hearts & Arrows moissanite gemstones are unique with 58 facets that are made with the utmost precision. This results in eight beautiful symmetrical hearts and arrows that can been seen when closely examining the gemstone with a viewer, providing the optimal amount of fire and sparkle.

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2. Cushion

With an impressive 82 facets, the cushion-cut Moissanite, also known as a pillow cut, is a Moissanite that looks like a square or rectangular cut, but with rounded corners. This cut is the perfect mix between a square and round cut. Cushion Moissanites also tend to have larger facets for more sparkle.

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3. Oval

The symmetry of the oval-cut makes it the ideal Moissanite solitaire. A beautiful gemstone with comparable curves similar to the round shape, oval cut moissanite stones brilliantly sparkle with 70 facets that showcase the timeless beauty of this cut. The oval-cut is also a newer innovation as it was only developed in the 1960’s. Oval-cuts look stellar in either a modern or vintage setting. The elongated oval also makes smaller or shorter fingers appear to be longer and more slender.

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4. Princess

The princess-cut shape was developed by Arpad Nagy in London during 1961, combining the classic brilliant-cut with a step-cut. The princess cut is a perfect fit for the Forever One™ moissanite family. With its’ 58 facets that allows light to shine through for unmatched fire and brilliance. Princess Moissanites have also enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as the choice of engagement ring for the fashion-forward. Princess-cut Moissanites are frequently in ring settings with protective prongs covering the corners and can also be commonly found in channel settings.

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5. Radiant

Radiant gemstones were initially developed by Henry Grossbard in 1977. The radiant Moissanite is a combination of a brilliant-round Moissanite and an emerald-cut Moissanite with a total of 54 facets that gives this elongated shape an exceptional brilliance. The Forever One™ moissanite Radiant cut is a desirable option, a unique cut exuding fire and brilliance.

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6. Pear

The pear-shape is the perfect mix of a marquise and an oval, with its rounded bottom and pointed top. Boasting 72 facets, the beauty of this cut lies in its enchanting shape and versatility. The pear moissanite has a weighted appearance and is a popular choice for many types of jewelry. Set in a contemporary or vintage setting, this moissanite stone is a brilliant choice. The ideal length to width proportions for a pear-shape gemstone varies from about 1.45 to 1.75

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7. Emerald

Both a modern and vintage favorite alike, the emerald-cut is so named because of the popular shape for emeralds dating back to the 1920s. The emerald-cut is a rectangular stone with long step-cut lines that features 46 facets. Though it may not have the sparkle of some, this particular cut displays the clarity and color of a moissanite like no other.

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8. Asscher

Made famous at the turn of the 20th century, the exquisite asscher-cut displays 65 facets of brilliance. The asscher-cut is similar in appearance to an emerald-cut gemstone except that it takes on a square shape with cut-off corners. Depending on how much of the Moissanite’s corner is removed, an asscher-cut can take on an octagonal look. Asscher-cut gems have a vintage, art deco appeal as it was the popular shape in the 1930s. This unique Asscher-cut moissanite are simply bold and beautiful gemstones that exemplify the advances in lab-grown technology over the last decade.

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