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How to care for Gemstone Jewelry

At Ella Rose, we want you to love and enjoy your fine jewelry. That’s why it’s important to properly clean, maintain, and protect your jewelry from the wear and tear of everyday life. Hand lotions, hair styling products and perfumes can leave a film covering your gemstone ring which can keep it from looking its very best. Below are some helpful tips to keep your rings clean and sparkling.

Gentle & Effective Ways to Clean Gemstone Rings

Soak your diamond ring in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent such as ivory and water.

Use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt if necessary. “Soft” is the key — don’t use a brush with bristles that are stiff. Swish the ring around in the solution, and then rinse it thoroughly in warm water.

Close the drain first, or put the ring in a strainer to keep from losing it!

Dry the diamond ring with a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning a Moissanite Ring

Moissanite rings and jewelry can be cleaned the same exact way you would a diamond or any other precious gemstone. An ultrasonic cleaner can be used, however, it is best to be gentle with your valuable treasures. You can also clean your Forever One™ moissanite rings and jewelry using a commercial, non-acid based jewelry cleaner, but we recommend mild soap and water using only a soft toothbrush.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure to never use medium or hard toothbrushes that have stiff bristles capable of scratching gemstones as well as the ring’s metal setting.

Do not soak in cleaning solutions for extended periods of time, especially with softer stones. Usually no longer than five minutes is required.

Try to avoid strong sunlight and extreme heat when storing your gemstones. Emerald gemstones should never be stored near heat.

When possible try to avoid jewelry coming into contact with perfume or hairspray, we recommend that these should always be sprayed on before wearing jewelry.

We recommend not to wear gemstone jewelry while swimming in pools with chlorine in the water as it can cause damage to jewelry.

Always remove gemstone jewelry before using any cleaning product that contains bleach.

In addition to chlorine and bleach, avoid other chemicals such as denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone and ammonia as they can also cause harm to the surface of softer gemstones.

If you have an ultrasonic machine at home, please make sure to know which gems it can be used on. For example, emeralds and pearls are not recommended.

Additional Questions?

We are always happy to assist you! Please contact an Ella Rose jewelry specialist for further assistance.


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