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At Ella Rose, we understand the importance and meaning that goes into choosing just the right ring. We know it has to wow and sparkle and take her breath away. That is why all of our diamonds are ideal cut to ensure maximized brilliance and beauty. The diamonds that we hand-craft into our engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry are natural, conflict free and environmentally responsible. We primarily feature diamonds that grade as G in color, VS2/SL1 in clarity. Our gemologists are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) who adhere to the strict standards of the GIA when selecting diamonds and color gemstones.

As you search for the ideal gemstone for your ring, understanding the four C's as determined by the GIA will help you compare and analyze the characteristics as well as the quality of natural color gemstones and lab-grown moissanite.

GIA is the world's foremost authority on diamonds and colored gemstones, they are the undisputed industry benchmark for standards and education in gems.

The four c's of Diamonds


The clarity of a diamond is determined by the number and size of internal characteristics (inclusions) and external characteristics (blemishes) which both occur naturally in diamonds. At Ella Rose, we approach the clarity of a diamond as it's unique personality and what makes the diamond specific to the wearer.



No inclusions

Contain no inclusions under 10x magnification. IF diamonds may include very small blemishes on the diamond surface.

very very small inclusions

Contain minuscule inclusions difficult to locate even under 10x magnification. Pinpoints, faint clouds, tiny feathers, bruises of internal graining.

Very small inclusions

Contain minor inclusions in a range of sizes, number, and locations. Both difficult and somewhat easy to located under 10x magnification. Small included crystals, small feathers, and distinct clouds.

Small inclusions

Contain noticeable inclusions easily visible under 10x magnification. May disclose inclusions to the untrained eye, but only when placed table down on a white surface.


Contain obvious inclusions visible under 10x magnification. May be visible to the unaided eye in the face-up position.

2. color

Many people think of gem quality diamonds as colorless, however, truly colorless diamonds are actually very rare. Most diamonds that are used for jewelry are near colorless with tints of yellow and brown; these tints are rarely noticeable to the untrained eye. Diamonds are compraed to a master set to determine their coloring, and then the diamond is given a letter grade that corresponds to the range of noticeable color.



3. Carat

The weight of a diamond seems to be the most popular item to discuss, and it is relatively simple to determine. A carat is 200 milligrams (1/5 of a gram) and is divided into 100 points, much like a dollar into pennies. Thus, a half carat is 50 points and listed as 0.50 carats. Images below are not to scale.

















4. CUT

The proportions with which a diamond is cut greatly affects the way the diamond performs in the light. Diamonds with carefully crafted proportions, symmetry and polish have optimal interaction with light causing increased brightness, fire and scintillation.

Excellent Cut

When light enter and ideally cut diamond it is refracted from facet to facet and comes back through the top to the eye.

Thick Cut

If a diamond is cut too deep much of the ligh is refracted at poor angles and lost out the side.

Thin Cut

If the diamond is cut too shallow much of the light fails to be refracted at all and leaks out of the bottom.

Cut Grades

This pyramid represents the total volume of gem quality diamonds on the market.

Ethical Origins


Ella Rose sources ethical, traceable and natural gemstones and metals from our partner mines in the United States and around the world. Our conflict-free gemstones are in alignment with fair trade and environmentally responsible principles. We selectively hand pick each of our gemstones based on their natural beauty, inherent value, and ethical origin.

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