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Moissanite FAQ

Forever One™ Moissanite

What is a Forever One™ moissanite?

Lab grown in the USA, Forever One™ is the finest quality moissanite in the world. Formed from a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide, these gemstones have been perfected to be more brilliant and durable than diamond at a fraction of the cost. Ella Rose exclusively offers Forever One™ Moissanite, the epitome of lab-created moissanite that is formed from a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide. Forever One™ Moissanite are available in two color ranges: Colorless (D-E-F) and Near-Colorless (G-H-I). Both our colorless and near-colorless grade gemstone are cut from the same high quality material, ensuring that no matter what Forever One™ grade you choose, your stone will be more brilliant than any other gemstone. The gemstones that we use are masterfully faceted for each individual stone shape to ideally maximize fire and brilliance. Forever One™ Moissanite are extremely clear gemstones that grade in the VS range (very slight inclusion) on the GIA diamond clarity scale. They are usually measured with actual millimeter size and the diamond equivalent in carats as moissanite typically weigh about 10% lighter than diamonds. *Based on the GIA diamond grading scale.

Is there a certificate and warranty with Forever One™ moissanite stones?

Yes! Every Forever One™ Moissanite is guaranteed to retain its fire and brilliance during your lifetime. Each gemstone comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against damage to the stone and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance. This Limited Lifetime Warranty covers optical properties of the stone including brilliance and fire, and the physical integrity of the stone including chipping, breaking, scratching, and abrasions. It does not cover damage or defects as a result of abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of your gem(s). All Forever One gemstone are laser engraved with information that confirms that your gemstone is authentic Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® and a warranty card is included with your purchase. We recommend that you retain your warranty card and that you immediately register your gemstone with Charles & Colvard through their website.

Who is Charles & Colvard?

Charles & Colvard is the original creator of moissanite and is dedicated to offering environmentally and ethically responsible choices in the fine jewelry industry. Based in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, Charles & Colvard has been creating moissanite for over 20 years while masterfully refining the way these beautiful, man-made gemstone are produced. Charles & Colvard is driven by an ethical promise: create the world’s most brilliant gem, while leading the way for environmentally and socially responsible choices at a revolutionary value.

Is Moissanite a synthetic diamond?

Moissanite is not a synthetic diamond. Charles & Colvard created Forever One™ moissanite; these gemstones are unique, with their own set of chemical and optical properties, and exhibit more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone.

How does Moissanite compare to Diamond?

Moissanite has many properties which make it an excellent alternative to a diamond. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25, making it more durable than any gemstone except diamond which has the highest score of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. When it comes to heat resistance, moissanite can withstand over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, more than even a diamond. Just like diamonds, moissanite is highly resistant to breaking and chipping. Moissanite has been scientifically proven to possess more brilliance and more fire than any other gemstone, including diamond. While a diamond may have been mined from an inhumane and unethical source, moissanite are lab created and are guaranteed to be responsibly sourced. Ultimately, a moissanite will shine brighter and is about as durable as a diamond, for a fraction of the cost.

Do Moissanite and Diamond look similar in sunlight?

The most significant optical property that affects a gem's brilliance is the refractive index (RI). The RI of moissanite ranges from 2.65 to 2.69, meaning that it displays and disperses more brilliance than even a diamond which has an RI of 2.42.

Is moissanite graded on the GIA diamond color grading scale?

There are two grades of Forever One™ moissanite available today: colorless (D-E-F range) and near-colorless (G-H-I range). *Based on the GIA diamond grading scale.

What sizes and shapes are available?

Forever One™ moissanite gems are available in all shapes and sizes. Ella Rose typically sells moissanite between 0.50 and 5.00 carats (as measured using the diamond equivalent weight in carats). Our most popular shapes are the classic round brilliant cut and fancy-cuts such as asscher, cushion, and oval.

Why is moissanite sold by millimeter rather than by carat weight?

The carat is the traditional unit of measurement when weighing a diamond. Moissanite is not traditionally measured in carats because it weighs approximately fifteen percent less than diamond. For example, a 6.5mm round diamond would weigh 1.0ct, while a 6.5mm round moissanite would weigh 0.88ct. The two stones would be the same size - 6.5mm in diameter. All stones for sale are listed with their size in millimeters and the diamond equivalent weight (DEW) in carats.

Are moissanite conflict-free gemstones that are ethically sourced?

Yes. Forever One™ Moissanite are responsibly grown with minimal environmental impact within a lab located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Are Forever One™ gemstones available as part of the Upgrade Program?

Of course. Ella Rose offer a lifetime gemstone upgrade program on all of our gemstones including Forever One™ moissanite. This allows you to purchase a gemstone today and whenever you are interested in upgrading, you can simply return it and upgrade to a larger or higher quality gemstone. Any loose gemstone purchased from Ella Rose can be exchanged for credit equivalent to the original purchase price for a new gemstone that is of at least fifty percent greater value.

Is Forever One™ moissanite resistant to scratching?

Yes. Moissanite is durable, tough and extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion. With a hardness of 9.25, moissanite is harder than all other gemstones except diamond.

Does moissanite break easily?

No. Moissanite is one of the toughest known gemstones. Studies in high pressure research have shown that moissanite is highly resistant to breaking and chipping. Charles & Colvard provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty that protects against damage to the stone.

Will moissanite fade or change color over time?

No. There are no likely situations in which the color of moissanite will be permanently changed.

How should I care for my moissanite jewelry?

You may clean moissanite the same way you would diamond or any other fine gemstone. As with any fine jewelry item, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used. However, it is best to be gentle with your valuable treasures. You can also clean your moissanite jewelry using a commercial (non-acid based) jewelry cleaner or with mild soap and water using a soft toothbrush.

Can moissanite withstand repairs and sizing?

Yes. Moissanite is an extremely stable and durable material. Its high heat tolerance makes it very unlikely to experience damage during jewelry repair.

Do I need to insure my Moissanite engagement ring?

We recommend that all engagement rings be properly insured.

Will I receive an insurance appraisal for my Moissanite engagement ring?

Ella Rose provides a complimentary letter of value with each engagement ring purchase. This letter of value represents the suggested retail price for the stated item. Due to constant market fluctuations of gemstones and metals we recommend that jewelry values be updated every two to three years.


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