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Ring Size Guide

As if choosing an engagement ring wasn't hard enough. Finding your partner's ring size can be even more difficult. Here are a few ideas that may allow you to discretely discover your partner's ring size. Keep in mind that Ella Rose offers one complimentary ring sizing with your purchase. Please see our complete policy page for details

Ask Her Friends

If you need some outside assistance, it's always smart to start with her mom and her best friend. They're likely to know her ring size; if they don't know and you're trying to keep it a surprise, it's less suspicious if they ask her than if you do. If you are trying to keep it a complete surprise, be sure you only talk to friends or family members who have a great poker face.

Take one of her rings

This works best if you choose a ring that she normally wears on her ring finger. Make sure it's a ring that she still wears regularly (it doesn't do you any good to size a ring that doesn't fit her anymore!) and that she won't miss from her jewelry box if she gets home before you can return it. Compare it to our online ring sizer to find her size.

Find her size

Trace the inside edge of one of her rings

If you're worried she'll notice if one of her rings is missing, simply trace the inside edge of her ring on a piece of paper. Make sure you do it multiple times until you have a clear, consistent circle. You should be able to determine size from that drawing by comparing it to our online ring sizer.

Find her size

Ask her outright

If your relationship has progressed to the point that you're shopping for an engagement ring, it's very likely that you've talked about marriage with your significant other at some point. The surest way to know her proper ring size is to ask her directly. The when and how of your proposal will still be a surprise, and she's likely to take the opportunity to give you extra insight into what she likes and doesn't like in engagement rings.

Things to remember

  • The average engagement ring size for women is usually 6 to 6.5
  • Your dominate hand tends to be larger than your non-dominant hand. If she's right handed and you use a ring she wears on her right hand as a size guide, it'll likely be a bit too big.
  • In this one instance, it's better to buy too large than too small! There's nothing worse than proposing to the love of your life, hearing her say yes, and then being unable to push the ring on her finger. The euphoria of the moment is dulled by the fact that she can't even put her engagement ring on, let alone take pictures to send to all of your family and friends
  • It's ok if you don't order the right size! Ella Rose offers one free sizing within 30 days (you won't even pay for the shipping!) Make your best guess to maintain the surprise, then find the proper size and we'll take care of the rest.


Be creative. Get inspired. Design your own engagement ring online. Our Master Jewelers will handcraft your custom ring in our Nashville, TN workshop based on your unique and personal style.


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